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KARVITK 04-13-2019 01:36 PM

Mt. Baker - Table Mtn trail to Ptarmigan Mar.31/19
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For a bluebird day, Mt. BAker was considered the best location to spend it. So invited a few friends, met them south of the border in Sumas Washington. Meet spot is at the old IGA store parking lot, closed down last year. From there we drove direct to parking by the Mt. Baker Skii Lodge. Parking Lot was clear and dry, unlike the icy cover of the last visit. We donned on our snowshoes and set out, our plan was to do Lake Ann. However we find the trail buried and snow slope at a very steep angle, and in warm sunshine deemed it as highly unsafe.
... looked at Table Mtn, but snow slides and its slope were also very steep.

We checked out and completed a snowshoe along the base of Table Mtn south face, keeping a watchful eye on the snow slopes above. The snow had become stable, avy the day before, froze, and was solid.

This trip was about 12 km return ..... 5-3/4 hours including lunch and numerous photo ops.


Drive in: Snowbanks not so high along the road, Mt. Hermann Ahead.
Attachment 265626
Attachment 265628

Parking Lot - clear and dry.
Attachment 265630

We start to head out:
Attachment 265632

Passing by the Interpretation Center.

Attachment 265634

Hiked up to vicinity of the Lake Ann Trailhead. buried by snow.

Attachment 265636
Attachment 265638

Lake Anne Info Board buried mostly by snow, hiked a little beyond but found slopes unstable and unsafe.
Attachment 265640

Up on the ridge of Artist Point.
Attachment 265642

Table Mountain East Cliffs.
Attachment 265644

Checking out the route for route south of Table Mountain.
Attachment 265646

Heading over to west end of Table Mountain, terminus of our trip, and a place for lunch.

Attachment 265648
Attachment 265650
Attachment 265652
Attachment 265654

Starting to Head Back..

Attachment 265656

Attachment 265658

On our way back, note snow rubble of prior day avy. largely stable then.
Attachment 265660

Snow conditions were good; morning snow hard and crispy. Afternoon snow softened with some minor postholing, but underlying hard snow very supportive.


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