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Default Church Mountain 29 June 2016

I'd never been in the Mount Baker area so was excited for my first hike there! We chose Church Mountain. The border crossing took 5 mins. The border guard asked us why we were going so far from home to hike. It took 1 hour 20 mins to get to the Church Mountain trailhead (closer than many hikes we've gone to in BC! Note: we live 5 mins from the Peace Arch border). We stopped at the visitor center and got our $5 pass. Turned left onto Church Mountain road. It was a dirt road and we got to the stream crossing and our Rav4 had no problem crossing; however, I wouldn't recommend a low clearance car going past this point (I'm guessing it was about 1-2kms from here to the parking lot?). We got to the parking lot and there were loads of cars there and two groups heading up.

What a nice smooth trail (not much in the way of roots and rocks)! Steepish long switch backs ( about 10 of them).
Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC00395.jpg
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We broke out into the meadows in about 2 hours.

Click image for larger version

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The two groups we'd seen earlier had decided that the meadow was their end point (great spot to have lunch, beautiful views and a babbling stream)

We continued on and came across a few small patches of snow
Click image for larger version

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We came to a fork, one was a long switch back up and the other was straight up. We went with straight up
Click image for larger version

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We got to the Church Mountain lookout. It took around 3 hours and we were at 1850 meters. It was about 7kms one way (we had started at 710 meters). The views:
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We contemplated heading up to Church Mountain Peak. I looked at the steep snow route, exposure and what appeared to be loose scree. I knew I'd be freaked out the entire time (and when Shawn came back he confirmed I would have been terrified if I had come), so I opted to stay at the lookout. Shawn carried on. This was him on route (I was freaking out just watching him! At one point, I heard rocks un-lodge. I'd recommend a helmet if you are going as a group):

Click image for larger version

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This is me at the lookout (taken from Church Mountain)
Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC09523.jpg
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Shawn went up Church Mountain and was back at the lookout in about 2 hours (note: he went up another peak to the right of Church Mountain Peak as well). He figured if he'd gone straight to Church Mountain Peak from the lookout it would have taken 1/2hour- 45 mins one way. It was 1.3 kms one way and at the top it was 1,926 meters.

When he got back we started to head down from the lookout and decided to take the long switch back instead of straight down. We were so glad we did cause we saw these two
Click image for larger version

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Here is a map and our GPS tracks
Click image for larger version

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We started the day at 11.40am and ended at 8pm. It was an awesome day out and an amazing first hike in the Baker area!

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Nicely written and plenty of nice pictures . Always enjoyed your style and fun to follow you and Shawn on your adventures.

Kudos for Shawn for doing the real Church Peak, I passed doing it several weeks earlier, did look a little scary.


Hiking is what keeps you young of mind and heart. When the going gets tough, the tough get going..............
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You'll be hooked now on crossing off as many Baker hikes as you can. Great weather and cool that you stayed behind because those photos of Shawn standing on the peak are AWESOME. Well done to both of you.
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Great TR and with thanks. We're booked for a week, right nearby at the snowater resort, end of september and Church Mtn is top of the list :-)

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