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calixtomoon 03-28-2004 08:41 PM

Lost Lake & Fragrance Lake
Hello again,

Since others posted their weekend kid-hikes, I thought I'd post ours as well……:)

On Saturday, Calixtomoon & Calixto, Spunky and Calixtomoon's sister (let's just call her Martha Bigtoe shall we??) and her two kids decided to explore south of the border in Larrabee State Park (Bellingham). None of us had ever been there, and after reading a couple of articles on Lost Lake and Fragrance Lake, we decided to give those a whirl.

We started out at 12:30 (one hour later than our anticipated start time…..don't ask). The first 2.4 miles were all via unexciting service road except for one quite beautiful waterfall and the occasional view of the ocean below. This little jaunt was all uphill, which was a MAJOR turn-off for the beasties. They were already tired after the first mile. This was not a fast-moving hike. [:I]

We finally arrived at the trailhead for Lost Lake and decided to do Fragrance Lake instead, which we had read was an easier and shorter hike. So we went further up the service road (1/4mile?) to the Fragrance Lake trailhead. After about five minutes, we came to a small lake and it took us probably less than 30 minutes to do the loop around this lake. It was a pretty little lake partially surrounded by massively beautiful boulders (the kind that make you dizzy when you look up to see the tops). Not special enough though………..When we got back to the trailhead, we kind of stood there and said “this is it?” It was disheartening to think that we had trudged all the way up that freaking service road for naught.

So we decided that we would head to Lost Lake and see how far we could get on that trail without the beasties giving in to their fatigued little legs. Once again, we went up, up, up and up some more. Only this time there were several long switchbacks. A group of filthy but friendly mountain bikers passed by on their way back down the hill. Then a couple of “Deliverance-type” guys (I'm not exaggerating….they were not hikers…….what were they doing up there?) passed us on their way down reeking of alcohol. That made me a little nervous about being three women out in the backwoods with beasties and only the poles to protect us (sometimes the human freaks of nature are much more dangerous than the four-legged). Where is that burly man-of-my-dreams to protect me when I need him??????[:0]

Anywhooooo, the Lost Lake trail became muddier as we went along, to the point that I actually gave up trying to find the best way through, and just slogged right on in, Cali-style. Thank the Lord for poles and gaiters!!!!! After what seemed like the eternal slog, Martha Bigtoe stopped at another pretty waterfall and decided they were going to head back. At this point, we weren't sure if we would ever find Lost Lake and the baby was getting pretty heavy on her back. So we snapped a couple of shots and off they went. Then I had to try and catch up to Spunky and Cali, because they had gone on ahead at a much faster pace. About ten minutes later, I found them on the muddiest part of the trail yet, but this time, they had found the lake…….however, we were still quite high above the darn thing. CURSES! At this point, we decided to be happy with the view of the lake and give up getting down to the water, as it was nearly 4pm and I wasn't keen on being out there in the dark, even with headlamps and flashlights. So we started to head back…….just in time for a beautiful sunset over the ocean and the islands. Unfortunately, there were so many trees, it was impossible to get a clear shot and my high-tech disposable camera didn't capture the beauty………..

Truthfully, the best parts of this hike were the two pretty waterfalls and just enjoying being together as a group. The prizes (two small lakes), after that looongggg, nearly all uphill slog via service road and major mud trail as well as the toe-jamming-into-the-front-of-your-boots walk all the way back down to the car, were definitely NOT worth the trouble. OUCH!!!!! :( However, that hasn't deterred us from going back and exploring more in that area. I've been told there are some fantastically beautiful destinations down there and now I'm determined to find them. We all had a killer workout and enjoyed ourselves nonetheless. Plus it was good practice for wearing my new 60litre pack on a long jaunt. I'm still happy with it!!!:D

Total distance for us was approximately 10 miles (15-17k???) total, but it seemed more like 20 miles with the uphill and squishing through the mud. I think we made it back to the car around 5-5:30pm, just as the ranger was coming around to collect the parking fees ($5----yuck).

It must be noted that Martha Bigtoe trudged that entire distance with her year-old little girl on her back. Not an easy thing after a while. Good job Marth! Of course….she wouldn't answer the phone when I called last night……………I think she may never go out on the trails with me again.:(

My pics are's acting up and must do this in bits & pieces!:(
Here are some pics, once again, in no particular order...........
groovy looking fungus amongus
Martha Bigtoe & daughters
Spunky, M'Kailah & Cali @ Fragrance Lake
Cali on a funky-shaped log
At the start of the "Road from Hell"
The Beasties on the trudge
My failed attempt at catching the sunset
more coming....................
Pretty flowers
On the Boardwalk @ Fragrance Lake
spunkster & My Boy!!
My boy again! Hee Hee
Chaos, Panic & Disorder----my work here is done.

trigger 03-28-2004 10:33 PM

Right on can't wait to see the pictures. :)

"Anything is Possible"

Spunky 03-28-2004 10:34 PM

Yes, definitely twas an interesting day! I have to give a big shout out & high 5 to the Beasties who walked 16 km's with over 500 m elevation gain ... they were real troopers man!!!!! [^] But, even though the scenery might not be awe-inspiring all the time, trails never seem too long in good company. Thanks for inviting me out on this one Calixtomoon & family! :)

Giddy up!

seawallrunner 03-28-2004 10:42 PM

good work Calixtomoon!! Good to hear that everyone survived [:0] :)

What book are you using for WA State hikes?

cheers ! C Wall

"It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult." -Seneca

canuckgurl 03-29-2004 11:45 AM

hey.. too bad we missed it..

i heard some awful stories about hiking in the states.. guess it cant be that bad tho..i'd like to try along the oregon coast someday.. glad u all had fun and good job to your sis.. thats right on..:)

yeh baby!!

trailrnr 03-29-2004 11:56 AM


This is one of my regular haunts. There is a way to get to Lost Lake avoiding the "service road" (actually a couple) and that is to drive up Cleator Road (3.5 miles up) and park at the end - which is free and gives you an amazing view of the ocean. You then go down the road about 200 meters and take Chuckanut Ridge (amazing views of Baker at one lookout) which will eventually connect to Lost Lake. It is a much more enjoyable route.


Shadee 03-29-2004 11:59 AM


Nice to see you had a great day out with kids

And what troopers too!! Proud parent moments huh :D

thanks for the photos calix :)

oohh...btw... just who and what age were the 'beasties' - no one under age of 15 right? ;););)

calixtomoon 03-29-2004 04:38 PM

Yeah, Ruth, we missed you....thought we'd hear from you.....

Shadee----our "beasties were ages 7, 9 and 1!!!! Good kids!

Thanks for the info Trailrnr, maybe we'll go back during summer when it may not be so muddy...especially if we don't have to travel that service you have any other good secret locations that we should check out???

Cwall, I don't have a book yet, but I did post a couple of websites on Hiking Washington that had some good info and I read some online articles somewhere about the trails. Lots of info online, but takes so much time to research!!!! I'm too impatient and prefer to have the book in front of me.....

Chaos, Panic & Disorder----my work here is done.

calixtomoon 03-29-2004 05:04 PM

As always, it was a blast to hike with the spunkalicious wonder. Bring on the next "walk in the dark!" Glad you came with us missy!


quote:Originally posted by Spunky

Yes, definitely twas an interesting day! I have to give a big shout out & high 5 to the Beasties who walked 16 km's with over 500 m elevation gain ... they were real troopers man!!!!! [^] But, even though the scenery might not be awe-inspiring all the time, trails never seem too long in good company. Thanks for inviting me out on this one Calixtomoon & family! :)

Giddy up!
Chaos, Panic & Disorder----my work here is done.

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