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calixtomoon 04-23-2014 08:03 AM

Early-Season Adventures: Diablo Lake/Ross Lake
A group of us (which included RollingR and my son), did an early-season hike/camp on Hwy 20 on the weekend of April 12.

Saturday, we hiked the Diablo Lake Trail with lunch in glorious sunshine on the suspension bridge. The trail was snow-free and in good shape with several creek crossings. Lots of log carnage to look at along the way. A moment of panic at the viewpoint when a friend's pack rolled partway down the cliff…All I could do was imagine how the rescue operation would go if he lost control on his descent to retrieve the pack..not good for my blood pressure. We saw no other hikers until lunch at the bridge..but they quickly departed and we had it all to ourselves again.

After our hike, we set up camp at Colonial Creek for free because the campground is not yet open for the season (pit toilets and no running water). That night after dark, a few of us walked east from camp on the still-closed Hwy 20 and marveled at the starry sky, nearly full moon and the snow on the mountains right above us, which was brilliantly white in the dark because of the moonlight…so great!

Sunday, five of us decided to hike a bit of the Ross Lake Trail before heading for home. This is a great easy trail through beautiful forest and giant trees…more scenic than Diablo Lake Trail I think. We walked across the dam after first gazing dizzily down the side of it to the water. After wandering about 10 minutes past the dam, towards the Ross Lake Resort, we turned back and headed for home.

Great tick-free weekend with fun folks and was happy to explore two trails that I haven't previously been on. Next up..Sourdough Mtn!

BillyGoat 04-23-2014 08:58 AM

Great time of year to be exploring out there before the crowds show up :-)

Spunky 04-23-2014 07:19 PM


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