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Default Chelan for Easter 2014

Great weekend at Lake Chelan with Shoeless John, Slipperypants, Piika, myself and 4 others. We did some kayaking, swimming (indoors), hiking, eating and boozing.

Much to the dismay of my gallbladder, we discovered a gourmet cheese store in Leavenworth on the way over, and then discovered a winery within about 5 minutes of our condo that gave free tastings AND sold gourmet cheeses. We spent absurd amounts on delicious cheeses and then everyone ate too much…but the grand finale was a cheese fondue on Sunday night..complete with blue cheese stuffed olives and crackers made of 100% parmesan cheese. I'm quite serious when I say that we may never poop again.

Cali, Les and I were short on daylight Friday and endured a horrifyingly mundane trail walk at the Echo Ridge system (the EASY loops took us under an hour very leisurely). We got one nice viewpoint, a few piles of dried bear poo and lots of deer with white bums which I'm sure were full of ticks! Would never do those loops again unless snowshoeing (this is a nordic trail system). Perhaps the other trails offer more, but we weren't keen on driving back there the next day…just in case.

Saturday, we all enjoyed a day trip on the Lady of the Lake to Stehekin. Because it is still off-season, the boat trip was 2.5hrs each way, and we had just one hour in Stehekin (not long enough). We did the $9 red bus tour (only ones on the bus) to see rainbow falls which was worth it. This was a surprisingly gorgeous and powerful waterfall with a nice little trail built to it. Apparently the ice climbers love this one. Stehekin is a really cool place.

Sunday, Christine and I parked just before the Dept of Wildlife sign on Chelan Butte Road and trudged up the road to the Butte. If you are going to walk on a road, this is a pretty good one because the views are wide open and gorgeous the whole way up (yes you can drive to the top, but we wanted some exercise). At the top, there are two spots for catching views…and your breath (wait...that was just me). One has cell towers on it, and the other is nice, wide-open space from which we watched a hang-glider and two para-gliders soar around. We lounged on rocks for about 30 minutes, just enjoying the expansive view.

Monday, we stopped in Leavenworth for some more CHEESE and so the brewery addicts could get their fix. Cali and I wandered on Blackbird Island which is part of the Riverfront Park. GREAT little trail system right in the city!

I consider the weekend a success because 7 of us shared a condo without coming to fisticuffs[:0], I saw no snakes [xx(]and nobody had a tick experience.

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No snakes or ticks, that's great! Looks like you all had a fun weekend together :-)
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Will have to try cheese as a snake and tick repellent ;D
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I always enjoy your TRs. Thanks for posting.
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Nice one gang . One can never have enough cheese, laughs, and good company.
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Here's a few more pics from me.

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I Like
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Looks likes there is still snow on the peaks, any idea of the snow line or if the higher trails are open?

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Default info on snow levels, but we read that Pot Peak was usually open in July. We thought we were looking at Pot Peak and Devils Backbone and they were covered in snow…but could have been mistaken. When I asked the ranger for some suggested hikes, all she gave me was the abysmal Echo Ridge information. Didn't even mention the Butte. I should have done more research myself before heading over, but alas...
quote:Originally posted by shinsplints


Looks likes there is still snow on the peaks, any idea of the snow line or if the higher trails are open?

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Great report, Charlene! What an awesome trip with a fun group, and well worth the long, long drive.

Highlight for me was the Lake Chelan boat trip day. I've always wanted to take the ferry up, and the ride was wonderful. Got some great intel (first hand, and from fellow passengers who had experience in the area) about the many areas to explore from the far end of the lake. The Chelan Lakeshore/Summit trail and heading over to the PCT/Casacade Pass and beyond have moved up on my to-do list. [^]

Stehekin is a really unique, special place and we were very fortunate to have the bus tour to ourselves for a private tour guide of the area: a lot squeezed into such a short time!

We still had to balance all that cheese with some hiking. On Friday, a few of us wandered on the Riverwalk/Reach 1 trail from the town of Chelan to the Chelan Dam, and along the Chelan river gorge which was a pleasant spring stroll.

Sunday was a nice leg-stretcher with Charlene, up to the Chelan Butte with it's expansive views of Lake Chelan and it's surrounding peaks on one side, and the Columbia River on the other. Beautiful!

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