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terria 09-08-2013 11:32 PM

Ptarmigan Ridge, September 8
since it seems to be the popular thing to do these days, we decided to check out Ptarmigan Ridge today.

crossed the border at 0700 or so, I think we were up at Heather Meadows around 0900.

some pictures to show recent conditions. trail is essentially snow free right to the... end?

Mt. Baker, looking fashionable with a nice cloud hat

wildflowers abound... lots of wild blueberries, too, actually

further along...

view from as far as we walked. don't think one could possibly go any further, i'm not sure if this is from the "Coleman Pinnacle", before or beyond. maybe somebody who is familiar with the area knows? from this point, we were looking straight down at glaciers in all directions.

excellent view of Shuksan from the same area. this is right before these clouds really came in and the area became overcast.

just below the point we hiked to, another view of Baker

all in all a good day to be out, don't know exactly where we made it to as this was a first time on Ptarmigan Ridge and we saw several landmarks referred to as Ptarmigan Ridge and the Coleman Pinnacle.

either way, a great time.
hope to be back soon!

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