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Default Mount Adams

We wanted to do a little road trip and an overnighter to climb something significant and decided on Mount Adams along the Washington/Oregon border.
We headed out after work on Friday June 29th and by the time we made various stops along the way...REI in Bellingham to meet Tristan, gas stations, restaurants we ended up making it to the Cold Springs campground / trailhead at 4:30am...that's 10.5hrs later! yikes.

as we pulled into the campground, there were quite a few people geared up and already starting up the mountain...not us..We setup our tents in the forest fire affected campground and tried our best to get a good solid 3hrs sleep before heading up the mountain to the base camp for our second night. not such a great sleep but we were ready & eager to get up to the Lunch Counter (base camp) at around 9000ft. The trailhead elevation is roughly 5600ft.

Took a little break to have a snack and put more sunscreen on.

Reached South Butte..

Making our way up the ridge and enjoying the grand views looking out into the valleys below.

We ended up getting to the base camp at around dinner time...we went a little higher to a nice camp area in the rocks somewhere around 9100ft...there were nice sandy campsites within the lava rock ridge big enough for the tents with rock wall windbreaks already set up.
We spent the rest of the evening having dinner, going for a walk around visiting the other campers and got some great views of the 300ft glacier drop off to the east and St.Helens to the west. The sunset up there was amazing. Oh, I should also mention Mt.Hood was in our sights the whole way...will have to go back and bag that one on a different adventure.

In the morning we took our time to have some coffee and breakfast in the hopes that by the time we made our summit the snow would be more conducive to our ski, snowboard back down to camp and eventually back to the vehicles at the trailhead. When I first started up from camp I had this idea of going light but 15mins into it I was kicking myself for not bringing my skis so I ran back to the camp and got them...I eventually caught up with the the top.

Pikers Peak (False Summit (11,657ft) at around 12:15pm...views are getting better and better...

The final push now to the real summit...only 400ft to go!

SUMMIT !!! We made it...nothing technical about this mountain, just a long walk on a hot day at a higher elevation...good training...hahaha...someone laughed when I said this mountain was for what?

Ted used the myriad of glissade slides to get back down to camp while Tristan and Chris snowboarded right from the summit...I chose to start a little lower down at around 12000ft to avoid the steeper spot being the novice that I am...considering this is probably only the 7th time I have downhill skied I think I am doing ok...I still think I should have started on a proper ski hill but I guess learning on an active stratavolcano is cool too.

We packed up camp and headed back to the vehicles with our taste buds dreaming of pub food. Once we made it to the town of White Salmon, we stopped for some Mexican food & drinks. Our server tipped us off on a little roadside camp just out of town near a lake where we spent the night. On our way there we picked up some beer and had a cheers to our successful summit earlier that day. It was nice to be near the lake sipping some drinks and going over the events & highlights.

The next day we packed up again and headed into Vancouver Washington for some IHOP breakfast and freaks eh? when we got back in the vehicles to leave Tristan's car wouldn't start so we pushed it around like a little shopping cart in the parking lot a few times before giving up and calling AAA. I am glad BCAA is linked with AAA...saved the day!

We had thought of a plan B where if the fix was going to be too expensive we could rent a car hauler from UHAUL and tow his car back to Canada with Chris' truck...

While waiting to hear about the fate and destiny of his car we went for some lunch and played some pool at the Cascade Bar & Grill...great food/friendly service...and a very American Canada day to us!!

Thankfully it was only the distributor cap that needed a replacement at Ron's Auto...
Once we new that Tristan was going to be ok with only a slightly delayed repair job we said our goodbye's. Bye Tristan.

Quick stop in Olympia to meet up with Chris' family for a little pit stop visit...Chris and Ted posing with the petrified Mohawk...

Passed through seattle in the early evening...

Chris and Ted restocking liquids

heading home...back in Chilliwack by 9:45pm..

...just in time to take the family to the CANADA DAY FIREWORKS !![8D]

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Great report and Good on ya for going back to get your skis!!
The butt sliding there is epic but i'd love to go back with skis someday!
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What a great trip report! So complete I felt like I was part of the group. Even though not really technical there is something about those volcanoes- the altitude, the air, the views, the alien environment that makes those kind of trips really special.
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Awesome trip report Kelly and what an adventure! Good on you for summiting another peak and good luck with Mt. Hood!
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Great TR Kelly! Another peakbag for you eh
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Distributor cap? I thought that only happens in the movies?
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Lupin - thanks.. I took my time to ski down and soaked in the whole experience..I definately recommend skis..great place!

Noman - yes it is a different alien cool.

Kanike - cheers! I wanted to do Mt. Hood while we were down there but it gives me an excuse to go back to explore the area as well.

Billygoat - yep, another check box checked, another peak smashed !

Marduk - we might have been in the movies...we passed a full crew of extras, craft services & circus when we were coming down the FSR to town...tempted to raid their peanut butter stash.
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Awesome Kelly, thank youfor sharing this wonderful experience. Your photos, your narration and writing style, made me feel I was with you on the way up, and enjoying the relaxed time with beer afterwards ..

Awesome ****

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I've just added this one to my list...
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quote:Originally posted by juandefuca

I've just added this one to my list...
Right on ! [8D]

Ps- Karl, hopefully this will inspire more people to experience this amazing place.
Thanks for the kind words..
Cheers. Kelly
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Solid trip report Kelly, makes me feel like i'm still there!
The ride down was totally worth the extra weight up
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