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Default Lake Chelan Backpack

Spring arrives and the backpack beckons! This year we opted to do the Lake Chelan trail and thankfully had 6 days which made it perfect! The weather was incredible...I won't say too hot because how can you complain about blue skies for a week but I think it was almost 30 degrees every day!

We drove from the North Okanagan to Lake Chelan Sate Park on May 5 and enjoyed a beautiful evening at our lakeside campspot. The next morning we headed to Field's Point Landing for our 0945 Lady of the Lake cruise to Prince Creek dropoff. The boatride is incredibly scenic and is only $40.50 return for the trip.

We spent about 5 hours enjoying spectacular views and flowers ( and of course 1 rattlesnake) before reaching Cascade Creek camp, a lovely lakeside spot about 10 km along the trail.

The next day, we only planned on packing for 8 km. to Moore Point, a popular lakeside camp along the trail. The day was again very warm so it was nice to have time to explore the old orchards and stone wall remnants at Moore Point. ( And of course another rattlesnake) The abundant ticks also started making their appearance though actual "bites" didn't occur until the next day, despite tick vigilance! The views were again outstanding as on this trail, the lake and surrounding mountains are always visible!

Our last day of backpacking was about 12 km. to the village of Stehekin and again the trail headed up onto highpoints as well as along the lakeside. After a tick "surgical removal" at a lovely stop called Flick Creek we arrived in Stehekin a few hours later. Again views and many flowers including dogwood trees in full bloom stayed with us...this is an absolutley beautiful trail in the spring! We camped at Purple Point after visiting the info center and obtaining a free permit. Showers, flush toilets and a little restaurant selling cold beer...perfect!!! An evening stroll on a little nature trail and the Imus trail, complete with viewpoints over town, finished our day!

Our last day was a perfect chance to explore Stehekin, a beautiful little boat-only village. A paved road leads up the valley ( with cars insured over 10 years ago!) and a summer shuttle runs up towards trailheads to the mountains( another "to-do area" to add to the list) We headed up the road to explore the old Stehekin school, the Buckner orchard (still operated by the park) and the HUGE Rainbow falls!

We boarded to boat for the return trip at 2:00p.m. and enjoyed another lovely cruise! We again spent to the night at the State Park, this time adding an actual swim...amazing for early May! Another great trip to a wonderful area!!! is online now  
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Looks like one sweet trip. I have heard about this place from a few poeple but after seeing your photos now I really want to go for a visit. Thanks for posting. Hope to go there this summer or if /when it stops raining
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Awesome! I've been wanting to do this one for soooo long. Great pics..thanks for sharing!

Curious about your plan of action after the tick bites? I've had two friends bit this season with painful results, and both times, the doctors had no idea what to really do about it. One even stepping out to Google while she was in the office!
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Absolutely awesome getaway. Great location to camp by the water. Only thing that I did mind was the snake of course (hate snakes). Nice from a safe distance.

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Looks like an awesome trip! Thanks for posting.
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That looks like a great trip [8D]! Talk about summer ocnditions (except for the ticks!)
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Thanks for all your comments and I hope you enjoy it as much as we didwhen you get a chance to go!
I did quite a bit of research about ticks when I got home as I also don't like them at all!
The ticks at Chelan were the black legged ticks that can lead to Lyme disease and because I didn't get a red area around the site( or any other symptoms), I decided to "wait and see". The govt has some good sites about ticks and prophylactic antibiotics are not recommended (though I am still watching for any symptoms and so far so good) We seem to have more of the rocky Mtn. ticks here in the North Okanagan and I have seen people/animals with neurotoxic effects from them...thankfully it is reversible with tick removal. So I guess I am less paranoid about them now...just like bears that used to make me very nervous and with time, ( and lots of "Hey Bear"), I am more comfortable sharing the hikes with them. is online now  
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Looks like a nice long multi-day trip.
I had no idea there was such a hike at Chelan, having camped there as a child years ago.
I'll add it to the list of hike for some day
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Enjoyed reading your trip report and your photos. Brought back memories when I did this trail.

Wish I had of stayed at Cascade Camp, instead of the Meadows, but there was very little info available to research before I did my trip.

A very worthwhile backpack! [8D]

Thanks for your report!

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