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Default Circumnavigating Table Mtn June 02

I'm in a story telling mood, so sit back and enjoy a bit of a read about our lovely little trip:

Yesterday Exy and I finally got a chance to get out together for a day together for some fun in the sun. We decided on heading over to Mt. Baker Ski Area and Artist Point/ Table Mtn area as we wanted something with lots of views and quick alpine access.
Our route of choice can be seen here:

Our plan was to hike from the Ski Area upper parking lot (the rest of the road isn't open until July), check out Artist Point and then take the chain lakes trail and hook up with trail 682 and go around Table Mtn, past Iceberg Lake and then pop out at the Bagley Lakes and back to our truck; making for a nice loop.

Traditionally more of a ski route, we'd be doing this one on snowshoes this time around. Since there was still oodles of snow up there and likely cornices that could come down, our plan was to leave Chilliwack at 06:00 and be snowshoeing by 08:00; taking advantage of some morning cooler weather. We did indeed leave at 06:00 and there were no border line-ups so we were making decent time...Yaaaay!

We made a quick stop at the "Super Duper Food Store" in Sumas for diesel as they had good prices there. I've never actually stopped here before and don't plan to again in the near future. It's one of those kinds of truck stops that remind me of sleazy truckstops I've unwittingly encountered in my long distance trucking days along remote two-lane highways. A couple of lot lizards hanging around would have completed the scenario. Fortunately none were out at this hour.

We stopped for some yummy breakfast burritos at the "Mountain Man Espresso and Deli" in Maple Falls and had sandwiches made for our hike lunch. Nice little place.
So now we are back on the road; through the quaint hamlet of Glacier and nearing the base of the upward climb to the ski area. Suddenly Jenn yells out a mild explative in a rather alarming manner. She needs me to stop so she can check her hiking boots in the back.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, Jenn uses one pair of insoles between two pairs of hiking boots, which isn't a problem as long as one remembers to make sure that the insoles accompany whichever boots you are taking for the hike. This is what suddenly dawned upon Jenn at that moment. Pulling over, she checks her boots to find out that the insoles are tucked safely in the most recent pair of boots that she has worn, which sadly were not the ones that she had with her.
Unfortunately hiking boots aren't very comfortable without insoles, but where to purchase a pair at this time and place?
Back to Glacier we go, but alas, there are no purveyors of insoles to be found in Glacier. We press on back to Maple Falls; knowing that if Maple Falls doesn't have anything that our plans would be kinda pooched. There really isn't a whole lot in Maple Falls either, but the Shell Station and convenience store had quite a bit of stuff, so we tried our luck there.
No insoles to be found unfortunately, but Jenn being the resourceful gal that she is and having watched a few episodes of "MacGyver" back in the day, she decided to fashion her own insole using triangular make-up pads and duct tape. She figured it would work so back on the road we go whiltst Jenn fashions insoles for her boots along the way.
We finally reach the parking lot and don snowshoes at 9:30; a little later than hoped, so we'd see how things went and how conditions looked once we reached Artist Point.
Putting on our packs, Exy notices that the hipbelt buckle is busted. It's one of my older daypacks that she's using. Ah yes, now I remembered why I hadn't used that pack in awhile! Mental note to self to get a new buckle for that pack.

Plenty of snow to start and continue with the entire route:

There was a cat busily plowing the Mt. Baker Hwy above the ski area and towards Artist Point. This highway to Artist Point is scheduled to open July 4th weekend:

Exy enjoying the snow and the opportunity to be out!

Mt. Baker in fine form:

We hit the upper parking lot and the Artist Point Ridge by 11:00, getting warm out!
Shuksan you gorgeous thing!

Exy demonstrating the proper technique for cooling down:

At noon after having a snack and a Mike's hard lemonade tallboy, we headed along the ridge towards Table Mtn to check out the conditions and possible hazards before deciding whether to carry on around or not.
The slopes below Table didn't look all that bad and there was plenty of room to make a wide berth around the old slides (we figured that new slides wouldn't travel much further than any of the old ones).

This is us being wild and crazy:

Maybe I should wait up for Exy:

Finally at the ridge we reach the Ptarmigan Ridge/ Trail 682 Junction. The views of Baker here are magnificant!

Now it's a bit of a decent to Mazama Lake. Not much lake visible yet:

A little skip up and over to Iceberg Lake:

We stop here for a second break and a second Mike's. Looks to be a lovely camping area in the summer.
At 3:00 we leave Iceberg lake; heading up towards the pass to the left of Table Mtn that will drop us down into the Bagley Lakes. It's freakin' hot now and not a whole lot of wind.
We pass by Hayes Lake on our trip around Iceberg Lake. Hayes has a lovely band of blueish icewater all around it.

The hike up to the pass isn't a whole lot of elevation gain, but the lack of wind and hot temps make it a bit of a bear.

At 4:00 we reach the pass...Yaaay!

Looking down to the upper Bagley Lake:

Staying to the left down to Bagley is safer and not as steep.
Not much free water at upper Bagley either:

From here it's a pretty straightforward hike out along old avy debris and is fairly flat.

Lower Bagley Lake:

We reach the Hilux at 6:00; slightly sunburnt, fairly tired but quite happy with the day we had. Definitely a great late season snowshoe destination!

BTW Exy's MacGyver'd insoles held up well and were according to her quite comfortable!
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Yay Exy! It't so good that you know your feet well engough to create insoles! I'm delighted in reading about your adventure and look forward to reading more adventures from you and BG!

Table Mtn brings back memories.
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Good T/R
LOTS of snow eh
Nice to see you both getting out [^]
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Good to see you guys get out together.
Nice job on the insoles, McJennyver!.

Excellent trip report and awesome photo's as usual, Tim.
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Aawww I love this TR because I know how precious this kind of freedom is for the two of you to share together
And what an awesome location to spend your time in!

This pic says it all though... Im green with envy as I sit here melting in my overly hot condo (gack, top floor has it's disadvantages at times!) with ice packs...
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quote:Originally posted by BillyGoat

...she decided to fashion her own insole using triangular make-up pads and duct tape
LOL - awesome!

Great pix and report - I love that area
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Never was there a more noble nor more appreciated use for the lowly makeup appliction sponge.

It was wonderful to dust off the gear, get those legs moving and head thinking about "the best way" again. Mr Raven even saw a bit of action. [:P]

Great location choice Tim!
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quote:Originally posted by BillyGoat
No insoles to be found unfortunately, but Jenn being the resourceful gal that she is and having watched a few episodes of "MacGyver" back in the day, she decided to fashion her own insole using triangular make-up pads and duct tape.
Classic! [8D]
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Love it! Great to see the two of you getting out to play in the snow together. I love the Baker area and your report and pics make we want to go there again sooner than later.

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What a nice area. I'll have to dig out my passport sometime. Nice day out for you two! [8D]
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quote:shaggy Posted - 06/03/2009 : 9:37:18 PM
Nice job on the insoles, McJennyver!.
I love it! Time for a name change?

I'm glad you were in a story telling mood, Tim. I was in the mood for a mid morning tea break at work. Very nice!
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Duct tape saves the day again! [^]
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That is too funny about the homemade soles, I thought for sure you were going to say you found some at Crossroads Grocery in Maple Falls, I thought Jen stocked EVERYTHING there!

It looks like you had a wonderful day out together, David & I hope to get out on a real hike together for the first time in years this summer! That is one of our favourite areas, we never tire of Baker and it is oh so close.

Fun read and pics!
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