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Hiker Boy 06-28-2003 11:37 PM

Mt. Baker June28th - Brotherhood of Snow and Ice
Tundra and I spent a day on the slopes of Mt. Baker. We had an awesome time with spectacular weather, views, and snow condition.

A Subi without dirt all over it and without climbing gear in the back is just wrong!

Tundra signing in

HB on the trail

There was some water to be crossed on the way up

See you on the mountain!

Hiker Boy 06-28-2003 11:45 PM

[u]Part 2</u>

Hey Look, Marmot decided to show up!

Looking north on the way up

We reach the land of snow and ice.

Tundra on the Climbers Route working his way up the ridgeline

We're headed for the top of this ridge.

Looking back down on the icefall

See you on the mountain!

Hiker Boy 06-28-2003 11:51 PM

[u]Part 3</u>

Climbers heading up to the high camp

Hey Pathfinder, is that grey tent on the left your's? If it is, it's still having fun up there! Climber's Low Camp

We stopped for lunch at the start of the glacier and the rope up point.

It's dangerous up there! This fell from a serac about 1000 above us.

Tundra climbing

See you on the mountain!

Hiker Boy 06-29-2003 12:01 AM

[u]Part 4</u>

HB climbing

Oh no, Tundra's headed towards that crevasse! Actually I was the one who felt my ice axe go right through a hidden snow bridge I was standing on!

These things are the reason you rope up and pound that ice axe in ahead of you.

Tundra glissading all the way back down. This was such a fun thing, we climbed back up to do it a few more times!

Once again no person, animal, or plant was hurt in the making of this trail report although we did our best to demolish a sumptuous meal at our all time favorite Italian restaurant afterwards!

What an excellent day!

See you on the mountain!

Shadee 06-29-2003 12:04 AM

Nice pictures, looks like you had a great day! Nice to put some faces to the names I see around here alot, yeah one day I'll join you for hiking, if you'll put up with my company...<img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>
we went to St.Marks summit today... great hike, fantastic weather, and the views, well need I say more??

only fear can be feared

life is sweet

tundra 06-29-2003 08:26 AM

Oh what a sunburned critter I am now. More pics from Heliotrope. Here is my belated entry in the waterfall contest!
Here is Hiker Boy creek-hoppin!
A little glacier travel going on.
The view north.

C'mon, lets go...the mountain is waiting!

tundra 06-29-2003 08:34 AM

Here is Hiker Boy smiling as massive amounts of ice and snow are injected into his shorts!
Definately exceeding the speed limit!

C'mon, lets go...the mountain is waiting!

Pathfinder 06-29-2003 09:15 AM


[u]Part 3</u>

Hey Pathfinder, is that grey tent on the left your's? If it is, it's still having fun up there!
Could be, might be. At least it is making its way down hill. At this rate is should be back in time for the next Stien trip.

Those crevasses sure look scary! Thanks for the pics.

rerun 06-29-2003 09:25 AM

Great report guys. Looks like it was a fabulous day.

Jimbo 06-29-2003 10:13 AM

Looks awesome out there, guys! <img src=icon_smile_cool.gif border=0 align=middle>

I'd rather be hiking!

trillium 06-29-2003 09:52 PM

Wow, looks like you guys had a great day! I agree with Pat though, those crevasses really look scary. That would make me nervous.

Great pictures :)

"Life must be lived and curiosity kept alive." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

LongShadow 06-29-2003 10:01 PM

Great report!

Yeah, those crevaces make me wonder as well. Given that I'd likely be 340 lbs with my pack. Would you guys be able to hold me even if we were roped in???

Hiker Boy 06-29-2003 10:08 PM

Yep. Sometimes you have several members of your rope team take a fall on purpose to see if you can hold them when you practice. Learning and practice is what it's all about. Of course there are some circumstances where you can't hold someone no matter how much protection and practice you have...of course you could get smoked by a bus while crossing a road too! <img src=icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle>

See you on the mountain!

RY 06-30-2003 02:53 AM

Great pics. How much vertical did you do that day?
Glissading wearing shorts - you're braver than me!

EightBall 06-30-2003 08:02 AM

Great stuff guys. Snow sliding looks like fun <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>.

Keep on Trekin
<img src=icon_smile_8ball.gif border=0 align=middle>

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