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quote:Originally posted by David and Karen

That was David that commented earlier btw (I usually sign my name when it is me posting), but I agree with him, your photos are great and that looks like a really nice area!

Guilty as charged! I was the one that sped past you in the Yellow Ranger and the one you sped past on the trail! I found myself pulling out my camera every 5 feet, I couldn't help myself. [:I]

I sat and played peek-a-boo with a Columbia Ground Squirrel for a longtime and then when I accidently stumbled upon the herd of Big Horn Sheep I couldn't help but sit and watch them for a hour or so. It was a nice relaxing change from the Tonquin Valley trudge I had the day before. It didn't last very long though, I bailed as soon as the hordes started showing up about an hour later! Nice to meet you!

Yes, the solitude was wonderful while it lasted, I couldn't believe the traffic jam by the time I got back down. I played hide and seek with a ground squirrel too, but in the end he had more patience than I did. Wish I'd seen those sheep! They were probably below me on the ridge the whole time. Wilcox Lake and Nigel Ridge were nice, but the light was tough.

Good to meet you too, hope the nice weather follows you for a while after tough luck in Tonquin.
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