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quote:Originally posted by danjurak

Great stuff guys. The kids and I were at Waterfowl for the weekend and passed by the trail head on the way back through Jasper. We saw the cars during the middle of the morning and I was wondering if that was you guys.

Wonderful photos. Only 7 hours? Were you guys really motoring hard to complete it in that time? How long do you think it might take an old man and a couple of young teens?

Love to see trip reports like this. Thanks again.
It must have been a nice weekend at Waterfowl

We stopped here and there for pictures, and took 45 minutes at the pass, so actual time spent walking was probably 5.5 hours. We were both hiking at a pace that was comfortable for us but I'd expect to be a bit fast for most.

Elevation gain is mild until the pass which is quite steep but the footing is good for the most part. I may not have the best perspective for what young teens are capable of, so I'll mention three possible barriers.

1. Distance: 26 km. Judging from the shape of some of the folks we met who were headed to Nigel Pass, I'd <s>hate</s> love to see them try to make it to Cataract and back.
2. Fords: easy, but not bridged. Kids could expect to be in up to their knees and get their feet wet. But they'd probably love it.
3. Rocks/route-finding: There were a few sections of climbing over rocks, and places where there is no distinct trail. However, there's no concern of losing your way. Just work your way up the canyon to the obvious pass at the end.

To hazard a guess, I'd allow for 10 hours. Hope this helps!
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