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Sulphur Mountain via Cosmic Ray Road - May 1, 2009
It was back to full-on winter this Friday. I *hope* that the weekend sun got it started, but it needs a lot of melting yet. I wouldn't be suprised if the rain forecasted for Calgary this week is another layer of snow in the mountains either.
We'd had plans for Grotto, or maybe one of another couple, until we got out there and realized the true extend of the snow. So wanting to get in a little bit of elevation for the winter-withered legs, we headed to Sulphur Mountain. I've been up it before a few times, but never this way. Snow started pretty early on, and probably the upper two-thirds of the ascent were in ankle- to knee-deep snow. By the way down it was slushy, but not apparently reduced in volume.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
1. Little bit of snow on the ground at the Cave and Basin lot.
2. Snow. Lots of snow. Winter-like amounts of snow. ugh.
3. Tons of snow in the Minnewanka area.
4. Piles of snow on Cascade.
5. Pinwheels! whee! Small entertainment in the world of snow.

(It's not that I completely hate snow. I'm just ready to move on, and the weather isn't.)

On the plus side, I can't get out the next few weekends, so I suspect the conditions will be soon getting better!

Question - can anyone explain why Minnewanka is still solidly iced over, but Two Jack appears to be blue and liquid? Does it just flow more? I would normally have expected it to stay frozen longer.
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