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Default Aiding Recovery of Lost Electronics

There seem to be a lot of reports of lost electronic gear along the trails. You can improve your chances of recovery by some simple steps:

I don't know about other people, but I'm always getting little sticky address labels from charity groups in the mail. It's really easy to stick these on the outside, or inside the battery compartment of electronic gear. There's usually room to add your phone number or email address.

With a gps, if yours has an editable welcome screen, you can enter your address etc. right there. You can also add a waypoint, perhaps named to show up first, that includes your address and is flagged where you live.

For cameras, you could take a photo of an address card. You might want to do this on both the internal memory and the memory card. Better still, you could rename this file to the lowest number your camera uses, so it would always be the first picture to show up.

I haven't checked how to do this for a cell phone, perhaps it's not necessary.

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