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Default Happy Trails, CT It's been a fun ride

Yeah, it's been a lot of fun; but time for this desert rat to move on from CT. I have been on here for a few years and really truly have enjoyed all the posts. I am humbled at the response I got when I visited beautiful BC the other year. So many of you put your lives on hold, rearranged your schedules and took me on a beautiful hike that will remain etched into my soul. I am eternally grateful to my hosts that put me up in their homes. I was going to stay at the Omni or some such place but they were hurt that I would think of such a thing. Truly they are diamonds in the rough. When I finally close my eyes some day, one of the images I will take with me will be the time and the sights I saw up there. I was blown away.
So, next time you are driving, or flying over the desert southwest and looking off with boredom at the desert wastland expanse, look a little....deeper...get dreamy eyed. Look far into the distance and see the stands of joshuas, the deep orange Navajo sandstone, tall lanky jackrabbits, roadrunners the cuckoo birds of the desert, lizards doing pushups on the rocks, now look at the mountains, bald headed, unforgiving rock with barely a seep of water coming from one crack. the only water for miles. Pronghorn antelope, coyotes, mountain lions, all stand underneath the shade of pygmy trees of salt willow and mesquite to take a drink. High above, canyon wrens dart like fighter jets. Red tail hawks, who have mastered the art of updraft hunt for hours on a single beat of their wings. Johnathan Livingston Seagull has nothing on them.....
Drive on through..... to your destination. But, I ask only this...

Stop the car... in the middle of freakin nowhere. No reason. If you have guests they will think you are crazy. Walk 50 meters into the desert straight from where you pulled over and stop and listen; do layered listening. start with the most dominant sound and listen down down til you can hear a lizard chirp. Then, to layered looking. Look far as you can see. Now, look a little closer and closer, stopping at each level you look at until you are looking right down at your feet. Feel the sand Now, when you cannot imagine any poor ignorant soul out there hiking along, fat, dumb, and happy, singing and talking to himself and God, but it will be me........this is my world.


May your trails be crooked, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing views ! Edward Abbey
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Oh Jerry Im going to miss your reports! Happy trails my friend and it was a pleasure having gotten to know you because of CT. Stay safe and I wish you well.
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Jerry - why are you moving on from CT?!?!
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Jerry, your words describing the depths of what you see and hear remind me so much of someone I hold very close to my heart, someone who taught me to see the "very smallest" things and slow down and truly enjoy the beauty of everything in nature. He really wanted to show me parts of his past world --- Utah especially, and New Mexico, Colorado........It's a shame you and he will never meet. As soon as retirement comes (very very soon),and I have no book-ends on my time, it is my intent to explore this area thoroughly, hopefully with him by my side, in spirit. I wish you all the best.............
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Why? Is there a need to move on from CT?

I really enjoy your posts. As a major fan of south western USA hiking, I so enjoy those trip reports and pics of yours. I would sorely miss them
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Yer a wise man Jerry, Its amazing what you will see when you take the time to really look. (And listen)

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I will miss your positive posts and beautiful photos.....I vote for reconsideration!!

If that's not an option....I wish you happy trails!

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Hey Jerry, sorry to hear that. Always inspired by your posts.

Pop me a message - I don't know if I still have your phone number / email still. Would like to be able to look you up next time I'm down your way if that's ok.

Take care.
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I will miss your reports, they always brought a smile to my face. Happy trails, where ever they take you. You can always change your mind, would love to hear about your latest adventure. Maybe a random future post?
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Happy Trails!
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When I was nine years old, on a family road trip that took us through the southwest, my father did just that- pulled off on a dirt road, in the middle of nowhere (at first I thought he was lost!) and made us get out and look. That was the birth of my love of the desert, and I'm happy to say that you have been a huge part of cultivating that love over the last few years. Thank you very much!

And thanks for the reminder to make the time to immerse myself nature. Reminds me of something I was taught not too long ago: the See, Hear, Feel exercise. To stop and make a mental list of five things I see, five things I hear and five things I can feel- while taking the time to focus on each sense separately and really experience my surroundings.

You'll be dearly missed, Jerry. But tell us- where are you going? Where on the web will we be able to find your exploits?
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Headed for the Mountains
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All the best in your future endeavours Jerry! Please continue to apply your positive spirit to whatever you do next!

Thanks for the advice, and for the wealth of desert info that you have applied to CT over the years. Your unique perspective will be missed.
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Sad to see Jerry.
Your posting have fired the imagination and inspired many. I long to return to your neighborhood, and hike the desert sands. I love your sense of humor and many times reading your posts I broke out laughing!

You are one of the members that make C.T. a great place to come to.
I like you, I have tried to teach people to stop, listen, and reflect on what is around them. Some listened and some did not. Maybe it was the way I put it across, some, just can't or won't see what is right in front of them.

I wish you the best Jerry and hope you reconsider. If not … some day when you are out and see an old guy sweating , carrying 40 lbs of camera gear, hitting his knee cause it won't work right …. Stop and say Hi !
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Ahhhhh!!! Don't leave!!! Your posts will be sorely missed.
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I agree,don't go!!!!! We will miss you,but if you gotta............very happy trails to you,you are an inspiration
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