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Default Ultra Light Cuben Fabric Gear

Just thought I'd post my two cents in here regarding gear manufacturers who actually make the products we demand, and back them up with after-sales service. I recently have tried to get an ultra-light tent made for me by a certain "custom" tent maker. After 6 months of E-Mails and phone calls, they finally replied that they were "too busy" or "didn't really have certain products" and when asked when they would have these products, they couldn't answer! Very frustrating. I also ran into the same problems when trying to get ultra-light Cuben fabric products made for me. Many manufacturers replied they were "too busy" .... But I have found one guy who is the epitome of "customer service". MOUNTAINFITTER.COM offers Cuben fabric stuff, and he is now making Cuben tarps too ! Awesome attention to detail, and the guy answers his E-mails too ! As a group, we ultra-light hikers have got to support these guys that make the gear we demand, so check the guy out. Cuben rocks !
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