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quote:Originally posted by Mtraslin
Right about this time I met two hostile climbers who asked where we were heading,I casually said to ski off the summit of baker,but it is eleven thirty,one of the climbers blurted out.I said we will be fine we save a lot of energy with our skis.
A lot of energy? Nah, I don't believe you!

quote:Originally posted by Mtraslin
Every was coming together flawlesley until my fun meter was on way to high,my brother had skied below,when he saw me doing a fast gs turn right for a gaping crevasse,he yelled at the top of his lungs crevasse,crevasse,at a split moment I went into auto pilot and was forced to do a mandatory air F that was close!After that it was skis on the back and a quick hike back to the car.
Eeeek! Glad to hear you came out of it fine.
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