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quote:Originally posted by dbarrigar

Hi, I've got a new Garmen eTrex GPS. I've tried downloading waypoints off clubtread for various hikes, but my computer doesn't recognize the files, despite the Garmin software I've installed.
I'll just point out that even with a Garmin GPS receiver, you aren't limited to using "Garmin software".

I always suggest that people get a copy of the free G7ToWin software:
Two advantages of this (or similar) software:
- you can save a copy of your GPS data in a format that is
not related to any specific software such as MapSource
- it may provide an easy way to share GPS data with others
who do not have the same software as you (e.g. don't have
You can also use GPSBabel:
which supports many file formats:

As for "maps", it depends on:
- whether your GPS receiver can handle maps
- GPS receiver brand
- what sort of "maps" you want to make use of
(both on the GPS receiver and your computer)
- whether your computer is a PC or Mac

I have a non-mapping GPS receiver, and use raster maps
(i.e. map images) on my PC, and the software I use is
(I'm a moderator of the Ozi discussion group, so
I can answer questions, but it's best to post any
questions to the group)

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