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Nice trip, when Suze and I did it we brought a short length of 7mm cordelete and a bit of webbing for a sling. We just used that as an extra hand grip rather than full rope, harnesses etc. Only added and extra pound or two to one back pack. Allways a good thing I find to bring when going on a scramble if the plan is to go light and not bring technical gear and if your down climbing is as bad as mine.

Just be sure you don't let that extra piece of comfort get you beyond anything you intended on doing in the first place. Good organizer you had in Rad so that helps a lot as well to keep calm and be able to trust the people you are with.

I am glad however you reported your experience, because I think a lot of people have this idea of "oh it's just a scramble" when they set off to do a trip. The term does not take in to consideration the steepness, exposure or consecuences of a fall let alone the stability of what you are climbing as in the case of the Black Tusk or Helm peak. Just refers to the technical difficulty.
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