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Part 1: Installing Garmin Unit Drivers
If you have already installed drivers for your Garmin unit, you can skip this step.
1. If your GPS Unit is connected to your computer, unplug it
2. Go to
3. Find your GPS unit in the list
4. On the Updates & Downloads page for your Unit, download the drivers for it. Usually it will be called "USB Drivers".
5. Run the driver program you downloaded. The first screen looks like this:

6. Follow the screens to begin installation. Once installation is complete, the following screen will be shown:

Follow the directions.
7. Your GPS unit is now able to "talk" to your computer.

Part 2: Install MapSource
MapSource is a Garmin program that allows you to send and receive Waypoints, Tracks, Routes, and Maps to and from your GPS unit. Most newer Garmin units come with a version of MapSource. The version on Garmin's site usually has newer features than what is on your GPS Unit's CD. However, the latest version added new map rendering that is very buggy and slow. I'll show you how to download the best version.

1. Download this file:
2. Install MapSource. Once the installation is complete, launch it from the Start Menu.
3. MapSource will start up. It looks something like this:

Part 3: Download and open ClubTread waypoints
1. Go to a Trail Wiki page that has Waypoint data. The waypoint data will be shown at the bottom. Click the "Download waypoints" link and save the GPX file on your computer.

2. Open Garmin MapSource. Select File->Open from the main menu.
3. Important: Click it says "Garmin GPS Database Files (*.gdb)" to expand the file-type selection box. Choose "GPS eXchange Format (*.gpx)"

4. Double click the GPX file you downloaded from ClubTread to open it.
5. Click the "Waypoints" tab inside of MapSource's main window
6. Select a waypoint. Right click on one, and choose "Show selected waypoint on map". This will "zoom" to the place in the world where the waypoints are. If you have Garmin's topo maps installed, you'll see the terrain as well.

Part 4: Upload to your GPS device
1. Modify the names of the waypoints if needed by double clicking on them. Garmin units don't allow the long descriptive names that ClubTread uses. Change them to things like "TH" for trailhead, "CAMP" for campsite, etc.
2. Make sure your GPS unit is on and connected to your computer.
3. Select Transfer->Send to Device from the main menu inside of MapSource. It should automatically find your GPS device.
4. If you are only uploading ClubTread waypoints, make sure that only "Waypoints" is selected under "What to Send". If you accidentally choose "Maps", it will delete all maps stored on your GPS unit!

5. Click Send. Once the transfer is complete, the waypoints are stored in your GPS unit! Go for a hike and have fun!

Part 5: Help ClubTread and submit your waypoints and tracks!
1. During a hike, bring your GPS unit and keep it on. Let it build a "track" of your hike, showing the location of the trail.
2. Create a waypoint on your GPS unit for any key location on the trail. For example: Parking lot, Trailhead, Lake, Cliffs, Viewpoint, Gully, Bridge, Insane Mud Hole Over Trail, Cabin, etc. More is better!
3. After your hike, connect your GPS unit to your computer. Open MapSource, and select Transfer->Receive from Device on the Main Menu. Select "Waypoints", "Routes", and "Tracks".

Click "Receive"
4. All of your waypoints should now be inside MapSource. Right click on one in the "Waypoints" tab and select "Show selected waypoint on map".

5. Rename your Waypoints so that ClubTread members will know what they mean. In my example, I have a waypoint called "WHITERCK" which doesn't mean much. Double click on it, and give it a descriptive name:

Do this for all of your waypoints. (or at least the ones you want to send to ClubTread)

6. Select File->Save As from the Main Menu. Click on "Garmin GPS Database Version 3 (*.gdb)" and select "GPS eXchange Format (*.gpx)" instead. Save the file.
7. Go to the trail you hiked in the wiki. Select "Upload Waypoints". Click "Browse...", select the file you just saved, then click "Upload Data".
8. An administrator or site moderator will receive the data and add it to the wiki for you.
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