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quote:Originally posted by vic

quote:Originally posted by Q

Great trip ladies!! And awesome photos!!!
The best thing of all is that we didn't get shot at once while down there. I know! Amazing isn't it? I still can't believe it. Oh yeah, it was a park we were in. That's why.
The trailhead has to be the most spectacular I've seen. Great park system too. Except for the advice. And the distant downhill campsite. Still a beautiful spot though.
So glad I didn't bring my camera. Ugh. All those photos I would have had to take.
You're probably in much more danger of getting shot in downtown Vancouver than you are hiking anywhere in the Cascades.
Tis true, but I think she was sarcastically referring to the tragic fact that a hiker was shot by a hunter on Sauk Mountain that same weekend.
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