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WS reported:
quote:We ran into a couple of friendly rangers who managed to convince us that the Sahale glacier camp was still really, really far and involved a brutal climb.
The world is smaller than we think?
Just before you spoke to them I was in a brief conversation with the rangers about the avalanches earlier in the year. I moved my pack out of the way so you could have "A front row seat" (It was either Seawallrunner or WS who said that) on the placement stones overlooking the pass. I recall WS sitting beside me now that I think about it.

Yes I was there with another friend at the same time. Unfortunately we were preparing to head back down in a hurry after just coming up with full packs and heading for Sahale (due to a medical problem that arose for me). So I guess we all missed our primary objective this time. I wasn't sure if it was you folks or not and unfortunately not in a position for conversation, so I apologize if I didn't speak to you ladies. We had stayed at the primitive Johanesburg Campsite at the trail head and headed up earlier in the morning.

A couple of my shots (Most from the trailhead) if it is alright with you as I'm not doing a trip report at this time. Let me know, and I can delete them.

Again apologies for not chatting to you SW,Q, and Seawall.
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