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Thanks everyone!

Roothie...we were very cozy in the tent..not cold at all.....well, it was cold on the ass if you sat right on the floor...and yes, Daryl and I shared one tent...but that doesn't mean we were spooning!![:0] The only issue was the bottom getting damp..but even that wasn't as bad as I initially thought it would be..

No pics of the ranger station stuff..but really crazy to realize that all that stuff was/is brought down by the rangers..what a mess...I can only imagine Everest and other popular mountains!

Let's see...Adam in his undies...oh why yes, I do have one or THREE...but.....I might be bribed with tequila.

AT--Daryl was a trooper!!! This was merely training for another of your outrageous adventure weekends...BRING IT!

As for the poop machine..yes...nothing like having a lively discussion about your bodily functions with 7 other people!! That was a first for me. After Adam grabbed about 10 blue bags from the ranger, I thought, "Dammit...I better grab one now because if I ask him when I really need it, then he's going to know that I'm off to poop...and really...that's just not okay with me."[:I]

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