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Default Topo Storage Ideas

Hello friends of the tangible,
I have been trying to figure out a way to store paper maps safely and unobtrusively for a while now, though not in any fanatical way. I think the best option I've come up with is to get a large artists portfolio.
Any one else with a good idea for this?

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That seems like a good idea. Why do you want to store them flat? I have all my maps folded, because that's how I'll want to carry them hiking anyway, and then they stack pretty easily.

The only maps I own that are flat are the ones stuck to my wall, and of course I don't need a storage for those.
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Rolled up doesn't work terribly well for me, having to flatten them before use, etc.
I always lusted after the map cases in the map library at UBC, but my space allotment doesn't permit such luxury. A portfolio would hide behind the couch.
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Artist's portfolios work well. They fit nicely under anything you don't need to vacuum under frequently. Portfolios will run you like $30 at least.
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I do the following TWO things:

First off, I fold them properly, just like they taught me in flight school oh so many yrs ago. When you buy a folded NTS 1:50,000map it's never folded the right way, nor any other GemTrek map or otherwise. Check the following link out:

So now you have a folded map with the info and identifying data on the outside(i.e. "Banff 82O4"). I then store this map and hundreds of others that I've accumulated over literal decades in numerical order. So 82N8 precedes 82O4 etc etc. How do I store them? Upright is the key(so easy access & where I can see the map identifier without removing the whole map) and most importantly in a pilot flight case such as this-and the bigger the better:

This system has worked incredibly well for me. As mentioned, ease of access with the added advantage of portability. Many times I'm not exactly sure where I may climb/hike/ski due to changing conditions and circumstances. Throw the case in the SUV and-not unlike a boy scout-I'm prepared.

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