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Default Plastic Topo maps

I came across a bunch of clear plastic 1:20,000 topo maps. They are labeled Province of British Columbia; Ministry of crown lands; Surveys and Resource Branch. I was just wondering if anyone here would know what they would have been used for or if I could use them in the bush. It's the ultimate waterproof map unless the ink runs. There are at least a hundred of them covering most of the GVRD I have not had time to look through them but I have seen the North shore, skagit valley and up to lillooet lake. I can't wait to organize them all and see whats there.

I tried to upload a pic to CT but Java wont work with my PC for some reason. So here is a link to Imgur Sorry about the horrible quality I will try and get a better pic if anyone is interested.
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the picture seems to show that the lamination is starting to peel away from the map? If that is the case and the map gets wet then you could have issues with map deterioration. If the lamination is separating, try to get some spray on adhesive or something to close it back up to keep the paper from absorbing moisture.
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Those look like the TRIM series data from 1996


We have a full set of these on our SAR command truck - not laminated. They cover the entire province. I find that the black and white print out makes them difficult to navigate with.

Other than updates roads, many people are of the opinion that they aren't that much better than the 1:50,000 federal data set, which is free to download.
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I hear they have a good battery life
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In Europe I saw some 3D relief topo maps. Obviously first printed with correction for the distortion caused when they are then thermoformed over a form shaped like the terrain, with a big vertical exaggeration. That would be a piece of cake for a 3D printer. Very nice to use!
The ones I saw were thermoformed rigid plastic, not much more difficult to produce would be flexible silicone/vinyl/etc sheets that could roll up.
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Nice find! Like oplopanax said, the black and white aren't that great but they're actually pretty decent in color. Magnetic declination might be worth double checking if you're using them for navigation.

The latest digital raster versions are available for free for personal use. Vector and raw data and any commercial usage is paid only.

I've pulled a few grids of the areas I needed and overlaid them with the relevant trails/POI. Printed for easy planning and wall candy. You could even crop, shrink, and laser print onto clear overhead plastic sheets for custom maps.

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