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Default inReach 2-way satellite communicator reviews

I was browsing through an outdoor shop recently and came across a brochure for the Delorme inReach.
They claim its features are better than the Spot.
Has anyone ever heard of this device?
I was thinking of getting a Spot to link myself in to family and friends when I go on adventures but haven't purchased anything yet.

Just curious to see what your thoughts are on this GPS and 2-way satellite communicator.
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the Delorme is comparable to the SPOTConnect, rather than to the SPOT. I've definitely heard arguments for each over the other, but not use either yet myself. The technology doesn't seem to be quite there yet, for me.
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Reviews of the Spot-Connect are terrible. Hopefully the inReach works better.
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inReach uses a completely different satellite system from both PLBs and SPOT. (iridium)

Anyone thinking of purchasing one should look at the plans first. The basic safety is $179 per year, the chat or track (you must choose) is $360/yr, and the "expedition" package is $600/yr. They're billed monthly, and do allow for a $3.95 seasonal suspension option, but it still seems steep!

I like that it is two-way (so at least you know the signal got through), but have all of the same reservations regarding inReach as I do for SPOT. Although this thing does use Iridium's birds, and from what I understand they're supposed to be much better than Globalstar.

Wildsnow has a review up indicating it does a pretty good job at getting messages out: ..

But still, $450 for the first year of ownership @ the emergency use only rate... Ouch!
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$600 a year seems like a lot but that's exactly what you'd pay for a cell phone contract at $50 a month
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I have been using "Spot" for over a year now. I don't leave tracks, I just send my wife "I'm ok"
or "running late" messages. It has always been accurate with my location and got the message out every time, if used correctly.... I have the $99 a year basic plan.

The Spot is on sale for $99 at London Drugs right now, I'm not sure if that includes the $50 rebate that is offered from Spot, till Dec 31 2012. So about $150-$200 for the first year and $99 a year after that.

I would like to buy the "Inreach" in the future, for it's ability to receive messages from home and for the comfort of knowing my message or SOS is received. They have plans starting at $15 a month and you can suspend your plan in the off season. $229 at London Drugs.

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not sure if this is correct

An initial 12-month term commitment applies to all plans
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camshaft that is correct, but that is for US customers.
Canada has its own website

A one-time $30 activation fee and an initial 30-day term commitment applies to all plans. Plans auto-renew month-to-month until suspended or cancelled. Plans cannot be suspended or cancelled in the first 30 days.
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Traverse the Coast is using one of these. see their blog at
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