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Default areal earth

here is a really cool web page. just down load the free version of the program and have some fun. i think that you will need a faster style of computer. from this website you can see areal photos of the entire world. it is kind of scarry what you and everybody else can see. try out your house, the local mall, the white house, the statue of liberty. here is the site, have some fun.
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You are the third to introduce us to google earth. It's not exactly new anymore.
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It is indeed a pretty cool program, Aaron. I hadn't downloaded the program until just a couple of months ago. When I did, I was amazed at what it can do and how smooth it is.

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Yay! They have a beta version for us Mac users
(haven't tried it, just happy to be included[:I])

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if u use Garmin GPS, u can download & free update to 6.10.2 version of mapsource, they added the new function "View in Google Earth" on the last line of view menu.

1. open Google earth waiting

2. open mapsource, get track/waypoint/route from GPS or use the GPS file u saved before

3. click view menu, then choose "view in Google earth", mapresource will automatically generated KML file that Google earth supports, as a result, u can see the 3D trail plus topographical picture in mapsource.

very cool, but my Linux OS @ home doesn't support Google earth

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The Mac version works great, it is nice to be included.
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