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Default How to use Small Sensor Cameras on Landscapes

I figure this is a good topic considering how many of us on Club Tread hike or climb or paddle into these amazing landscapes, often with small cameras (due to weight concerns) only to get home and realize all our skies are blown out or that something is 'missing' from our shots.

I typically hike / climb / ski with a micro 4/3's system (Panasonic GH1) simply because it's half the weight of any FF DSLR and it also does great HD video.

The problem? It has a smaller sensor than my full frame camera (half the size) and is therefore much more prone to blowing highlights and shadows. Many of the people on this board hike with point 'n shoot cameras which have even smaller sensors and blow even more highlights.

I don't feel like re-writing my article that I wrote on this problem, so hopefully the admins are ok with me posting a link to my web site. I don't make any money off it so if you're interested, continue reading...


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