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We have a blackberry curve at work. There is currently a known issue with the GPS, where satellite pickup time is extremely long, to the point where you give up. Telus has a $15/month "fix" for this called the Telus navigator [V]. Apparently a Blackberry GPS fix is in the works, so they say.
In areas with cell reception you can use it combining Google Maps and cell antenna triangulation. This fixes your position without the GPS, but not to the same accuracy (we just checked it and it put us about 200 metres from where we actualy are). My coworker has used it far more than I have and doesn't recommend buying it for the GPS functionality, but it's great for everything else it does.
Blackberrys don't use Windows Mobile, and wont run programs written for that OS, unless there is also a blackberry version of the program.
I'll be getting one for work use soon, but I wont be giving up my Garmin/topo Canada.
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