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Default Romulus to Remus?

So, I spent most of last evening looking at numerous photos of both summits from Bob Spirko, Vern, Matt Hobbs, and countless others, trying to figure out if I could plot a route to do both summits in one trip. I know of a few ways to get from Romulus to the col between the two summits, that much is fine. But then how to get up on to Remus, without losing too much elevation? The normal routes up Remus approach from the opposite side of the summit block (East) and aren't really an option for an attempt at a traverse. Photos of the south and west side of the Remus summit-block look pretty well-banked in cliffs. See the link to a photo from Bob's ascent of Romulus looking at the west and south faces of Remus.

Photos from Fullerton make the north side look pretty rugged, but not easy to tell if something might work there. I don't have a particularly clear view of the north side, I tried searching those that have done Fullerton, but can't get a great angle on those cliffs. Anyone have a good zoom of the north face of the Remus summit block?

Currently, it looks like tracking along the south cliffs looking for an accessible break would be the best option, and should work, but may necessitate a fair loss of elevation. I'm good with difficult scrambling upclimbs, but I ain't no crazy guy! So hitting Remus' west face probably won't work, but I'd certainly take a good look at it.

I wanted to do it Romulus > Remus, because if I would rather be ascending rough terrain than descending it, and if I don't find a break I can just descend an appropriate gully back to the Little Elbow Trail. BTW, this would be for next spring/summer.

Any thoughts?
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Unfortunately I can't link to any of my photos at the moment, but I came down the north side from the summit of Remus back in October and think you would have a hell of a time. At minimum you would have to come at the upper plateau/summit block from the northeast, but (having done Romulus around the same time) I'd agree that your best bet would be to skirt the cliffs on the south side until you find a viable weakness or arrive to the huge southern bowl. Expect the summit approach on Remus to be icy regardless of which route you take, as they already were in October.
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Is the bridge in yet?

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