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Default " polistes dominulus" ? Friendly bug

... good it worked, a substitute picture off the web. I hope the name is correct.

This is a very friendly , greenhouse and yard worthy beneficial creature that you can hold and tickle. Very docile. Study the markings closely.

I own several colonies and they are something I need to photo on my own and learn to post.

These girls are so mellow I've seen them vacate their nest when an intruder Mud Dauber invades. They have a stinger but I've never been able to intice them to sting, unless I really irritate it while wearing a glove .

Any one else own them ?
Oh yea, fairly smart critters, rarely ever see them stuck in the house like their other "cousins".

... unfortunately, entomologists consider " little mistress " to be an invasive species , 1968. Here to stay, though , and not nasty .

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