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Default Boulder Creek 8800' Peak

This peak is featured in the Scrambles book as the 8800' Boulder Creek Peak. It is not to be confused with the 9000' Boulder Peak, across the valley over Boulder Creek. At first, I thought that it would be useless to post a report on the kind of trip this was, but then I figured a report on general conditions might be useful after all.

My original plan was to head up Shulaps peak(Sunday August 9) from the Marshall Lake area off the Carpenter Lake road. This plan was nixed when fires closed the road at the Yalokom fork. A drive back to Texas Creek revealed the crazy nature of this tinder dry year. Closed again! Quite a show with helicopters flying everywhere...up to eight on one fire! Plan C, head up the Duffy to try again for the 8800' peak up Boulder Creek. The access up Boulder Creek is still fine for a short wheelbase 4x4(tracker). At 14k I parked and finally started hiking up the creek. The access to the alpine is really quick and a great tent spot was found at 6850', just 850' elevation from the car.

I left my camp and headed for the peak at 5 pm. By 8 pm I was back at camp. No summit, as alas, I found a class 5 impasse that I wasn't willing to negotiate so late in the day. Still I enjoyed the weather, which was much better then at the coast. The expansive meadows with many Golden-crowned Sparrows, Marmots and perfect Grizzly habitat, were beautiful. So I hadn't read the Scrambles book description before I left and obviously my route finding was off! It was ok though, I had a good book to read and needed to just slow my life down abit. Rain on the tent that night did little to dampen my mood.

Not jolting, spectacular scenery, but certainly pristine and wild nonetheless. The solo experience in grizzly country was heightened by the great habitat and possibilty of seeing one!

Views from on route.

Boulder Creek is an area with good potential for hiking in superb meadows, and/or climbing half a dozen or more high peaks. The access is somewhat restrictive as the road has a serious boulder problem with the crux a one shot deal under some very scary, loose looking blocks ready to come down from an overhanging cliff above the road!. A short wheelbase 4X4 vehicle can get over a hump of loose rock on the cliff side...but the potential for being stranded on the upperside after additional rock fall is considerable! I've been up 3 times this year and always feel the tension when coming back to this spot.

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