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Ha! Got my copy of RD!

Compelling story indeed, though it doesn't add too much of what the people on CT who have read up on the story already know.

Of course, there was an inconsistency or two (like how much Chris actually fell) and they fiddle around with the chronology but still insist heading the chapters with dates and times. It reads as though both the writing and the editing were rushed a bit too much.

But besides that, it's a great story and one with a (mostly (-- we're hoping for a complete and full recovery, Chris!)) happy ending. As others have said before me, the snow gods smiled favourably upon burnabyhiker (that is, after they let him lose footing first).

The story is put in stark contrast with a story in the same issue of Reader's Digest on page 107 ("Saving Natalie) about the 10-year recovery struggle of a Kamloops girl, after she fell 30 metres down a cliff in the rugged hills behind their home when she was 11 years old. The incident killed Natalie's 13-year-old brother Mark when he fell while trying to rescue her.

You're lucky to be alive, Chris. And lucky are those who know you and Simon.

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