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quote:Originally posted by SuperTwink

quote:Originally posted by Dax

There are no anti-scalping laws on the books in BC. Ontario and Alberta *do* have anti-scalping legislation, but there is no federal (Canada wide) laws prohibiting scalping. And all of the anti-scalping laws that I am aware of only pertain to event tickets.

The cops will harass you for selling tickets on GM/BC place property though. They only get away with that because the tickets say "not for resale" on them, and they like to think that by purchasing a ticket you automatically agree to their terms and conditions without needing to sign anything. This is demonstratively false and would never stand up in court.

Either way, if you didn't sign an agreement at HBC not to sell this item on e-bay, they can't do shit all about it. These articles are merely their way of scaring away others from doing it.
No argument from me there - but it is still technically scalping and still a questionable practice in my view. Personally, I'm not into intentionally ripping people off even if it is stupid of them to be willing to pay a huge amount of money for a stuffed toy (or a concert or hockey game). I also don't want to be a part of the rampant consumerism associated with it. I don't think I could live my life so cynically. It's a shame that so many do.

Really? You do not want to be part of the rampant consumerism? Forgive me if I am more than a little surpised since in 2006 you were catching ling cod on a trip "right next" to a closed area and then using tin foil to cook it. While you likely did pack out your tin foil was this product necessary or did you fall into the droves of consumers who use it for convenience? Of course there is size restrictions on ling cod and a fishing license which I am sure were also properly filled out. Don't throw out stones unless you are squeaky clean.
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