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Default Marble Meadows

Im inquiring about info on hiking a few days in that area, types of trails near by? sights of interest, and whom to rent a boat,canoe from, and how safe it is to leave the water craft over there, while away on the trails.

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Try or some place in Campbell River for a canoe. I've never had or heard of any problems leaving a boat on the other side. Timing can be an issue though, as winds often whip up the lake something fierce by mid morning.

A quick Marble Meadows search will undoubtedly provide you with all sort of objectives large and small. Mt McBride and Morrison Spire can be reached via the Wheaton Hut. Otherwise you can try Marble Peak or just wander among the smaller humps scattered throughout the meadows.
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I wrote a trip report on that area for the VI Section of the ACC that describes the whole trip, including canoe times, elevation gain to the meadows and route descriptions up Mt McBride, Morrison Spire and Marble Pk.

To view the report go to and click on Island Bushwhacker Index and follow the links to Marble Meadows or author, Peter Rothermel. The report was written in 2005 and is titled, Marble Meadows, “Walking on the Ocean's Floor”. The area is an ancient seabed full of fossils imbedded in the limestone. If you have any problems viewing the report, send me an e-mail and I'll reply to you with an attachment.

A few points I should make:
-The paddle across the lake takes about 20 minutes to the marine camp and is a safe place to leave a canoe.
- The elevation gain from the beach to the plateau is on well graded trail of over 1,200 metres and takes most parties about 4 hours, with another hour or so to the hut.
-The Wheaton hut is an excellent place to base from and means you can leave the tent behind, leaving more room in your packs for luxuries. It has been rebuilt since my report
- Mt McBride, Morrison Spire and Marble Peak can be climbed without technical gear.

Lastly, I have an old fibreglass canoe that is 16 ft long and is beamy and will hold two people with full packs easily (three in very calm conditions). It's a solid clunker, but is water tight and I have paddles and lifejackets. You are welcome to borrow it for your trip. Send me an e-mail if you want to use it. You'll need roof racks on your vehicle to transport it. I'm in Qualicum Beach and on your way up Island.


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thank you juandefuca and peter for you help, much apprecite it, peter i will send you a pm
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There are lots of places to 'hide' the canoe near the camp area. We just put ours in the flats with lots of small alder. I don't think this is necessary but we did it for peace of mind.
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My friend and I did Marble meadows last year, and we found the best place to hide the canoe was in amongst all the others there. There are plenty of alder saplings and people put their canoes in amongst them. We were surprised to find about 10 canoes in a small area. It was obvious that theft was not an issue. But you can always bring a cable lock and secure your paddles, pdfs and canoe to something. I doubt anyone out there would have cable cutters :-)
If you are familiar with the Arnica Lake trail, then this one is quite different. It tricks one into thinking the end is near, but in fact still more to go. The end part is exposed rock face, so when you come out of the trees, then the end is near. Very good well maintained trail. The tent sites at the bottom are all in the shade, so cool/cold and many bugs. You will enjoy that entire area. The river there is very cold, so don't be surprised when the bottom of the canoe turns cold suddenly. I thought we had sprung a leak. It really is cold. Do like us, and treat yourself, by placing a can drink(s)in the river, then when you return it is nice and cool. very refreshing. Be sure to secure and hide it though, as others might see it and feel the urge to have one too :-). Enjoy.
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