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Default Maps of Strathcona

I can't seem to find them. I'm planning on going out there for a multi-day hike pretty soon and it would be nice to find some topos. I live in Vancouver. Does anyone know the nearest place to get them?
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Call your local MEC to see if they have it in stock.
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Hmm yeah I saw some maps like that at the MEC in vancouver but we were hoping for the government ones. Have you used those maps before? Are they detailed enough? We're going off-trail and the area that the map you linked to covers is really huge.

quote:Originally posted by Kathryne

Call your local MEC to see if they have it in stock.
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There used to be an easy way to see all the topos in folders so you could just navigate to the folder you needed based on the numbering scheme and then download a high resolution PDF file.

They've made a bunch of "improvements" and I can't immediately figure it out although I'm sure there is still a way.

Here is the FTP site I have used in the past for grabbing the topos in PDF.

Unfortunately, they took down or moved the interactive map that I used to use to find the reference numbers.

However, you can use this very large PDF or TIFF file to find them:

For example, map 92-F-12 covers a big chunk of the park and then on the FTP server that is located at:

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Acknowledging that you are specifically after topo maps,.. I think it is worth mentioning the level of detail for hikers found in the Hiking Trails 3: Northern Vancouver Island book for that area (for some of the more popular trails).

I was a bit reluctant to buy it online without seeing it but was pleasantly surprised.
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I just had one made from this place:

Was a bit spendy - I got 2 copies of a 2 x 3 foot map in the waterproof paper for ~40$, but they are nice quality (and it was of most of the area around the sound end of butte lake. Came in maybe 5 business days?

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I used to order from Federal Maps, but they have gone out of business. World of Maps has bought their web site name, and they seem to offer the same items: paper maps are $12.95, waterproof plastic are $20.95 (nobody makes Tyvek maps anymore, unfortunately).

I've never ordered from World of Maps, but I guess they'll be who I get my next ones from. Their Canadian topo maps can be found at
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Granted, the OP posted a month ago, but this might still be helpful to anyone who's looking:

Natural Resources Canada produces 1:50,000 scale maps. For Strathcona Park, you probably want 92-F/13 and 92-F/12. I happen to have both of these maps, which I purchased at Valhalla Pure in Victoria (well, Langford). Additionally, if you want even smaller scale, the provincial government has downloadable pdfs available at a 1:20,000 scale (yeah!) It's pretty self-explanatory once you visit the site:

I just downloaded 092F063, 092F053, and 092F054, which cover the sections of Strathcona park that I'm interested in.

Hope this helps!
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