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Headed for the Mountains
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Default The Kusam Klimb

This is sort of a trip report...
I camped overnight on Friday at Sayward, got up at the crack of dawn in the pouring rain, got my gear together and headed for the starting line of the Klimb. The Kusam Klimb is a race/run/walk that climbs from sea level to 5000 feet in just over 6 km. up a trail called Bill's Trail. There are many nice viewpoints along the way, but it was foggy and drizzly, so we couldn't see anything. The route takes you up to the saddle between the two peaks of Mt. H'Kusam and then back down the back side through the Stowe Creek watershed and back to the starting point. It is just over 23 km. Bill's Trail is, as you can imagine...steep. There are ropes to help you up the rock in places, and there are sections of hand over hand scrambling. It goes through some beautiful terrain. The lake near the top was still very frozen over and there was about 3 meters of snow on the saddle. After cresting the saddle, there was about 1.5 to 2 km. of out-of-control butt-sliding (glissading) which I found to be much faster than running. After getting out of the snow, there was about 15 km. of sweet downhill on old 2 rut logging road and some single track with several stream crossings, just so your feet don't warm up.
I would think that anyone who goes under 4 hours on this route could kick any Tough Mudder's butt.
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High on the Mountain Top
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I've never done this one but the Mossy Bluffs Trail nearby. Apparently, this trail is a hangout for black bears too.
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Scaling New Heights
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Well, my time this year on the Kusam Klimb was 4 hrs. 18 mins. 2 years ago it was 4 hrs. 10 mins. This year there was 2 "new" sections to the klimb and more snow than the other years. The creeks were up, making them wider and deeper to cross, and then your ankles went numb !! (lol). Still had a good time.
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High on the Mountain Top
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Also, Hiker45 is over 50 years old now. Good going Ken!
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Headed for the Mountains
Join Date: Apr 2010
Location: nanaimo, BC, Canada.
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Congratulations on your time Hiker 45....
My condolences on being over 50.
Greyhound is part of that club, too. [8D]
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