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Default North Coast Trail Shuttle

Hi gang...Jim & George the "Water Taxi Guys" who provide transport from Port Hardy to the eastern (Shushartie Trailhead and beyond)are doing a great job and care about providing great service. Our shuttle service at the western end (start/finish)is there to take care of you. We work closely with the water taxi's to make things easy and ensure that you have a great experience...Whether your group want's to do the North Coast Trail/Cape Scott Trail or a combination of both we will spend the time on-line or via e/m to help you make your'e decision. Reaction from hiker's this year has been glowing..My observation so far..based on hikers comments is...We loved it!!! I always ask for critiques "good/bad or indifferent". Virtualy all hikers are experienced and have done their research...They come prepared and many have done the "West Coast Trail" numerous times....When prompted for a comparison they rate the new NCT as tougher/more challenging/more wildlife and more importantly...less crowded... There are many posts to Club Tread where you can view reports from those who have completed this "World Class Trail"...I suggest the newly arrived to check it out..Make no mistake "this is not a hike for the faint of heart". I am frequently asked things like-----I want to take my grandchildren for an experience they will remember forever---I ask--How old are they---They are 11/9/8 or whatever--- My response is "I have picked up Gramma/Grampa and kids as young as 7 yrs old who come off the trail pumped/smiling with major smiles and shared hugs...It almost brings a tear to my eyes...On the other side of the coin many older groups (I'm 59) both Guys and Gal's well into their 60's give it a again I share in their sense of pride and accomplishment when I greet them coming off the trail...There a "High Fives" and cheers...all round. This is not a selfless promotion of my own business but rather an encouragement for you to do some research into what is fresh/new and will give you and your mates something you will treasure forever....As an aside I have bookings from hikers who completed the trail in "Year One" and are booking for a trip again this year with others who they want to share this experience with....(Seriously attractive to European's)Once again please check out other post's on Club Tread rethers reports...Live Long/Hike/Get Up Here and make it a year to remember!!!! Cheers Al H
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See you in a few weeks, looking forward to the trip. Did the Cape Scott trail 15 years ago with my Niece and this year I am taking her and her husband. My long time hiking friend is taking his son. It will be interesting to see how it measures up to Hesquiat and Nootka Island trail as well.
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I'd sure like to try the new part. I hiked to Cape Scott numerous times between 1972 and 1975.
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