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Default 35mm - anyone still use em?

I always seem to be behind the curve as I still dont own a Wii or flat screen tv and in that theme I bought an expensive Canon 35mm camera a number of years ago. Digitals were out but just point and shoot models. Now there are digitals with interchangeable lenses etc that are the same price as the film one I bought.

I'm curious if anyone still uses film and if there is a market for my used but in amazing shape Canon Rebel.
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L.O.L. I remember my first point & shoot was $800 for a Canon 5MP. Sice that time I have moved up to a DSLR and never looked back. When you figure in the cost of film & developing it will more than pay for itself if you take a lot of pictures. Sadly the only ones that want the old school stuff are maybe kids learning about photography at schools. Now a days with smart phones and cheap point & shoots no one wants them.
Just look at what happened to Kodak. Kodak's workforce peaked in 1988 at nearly 150,000 employees. But the company couldn't keep up with the shift from digital photo technology over the past decade and with competition from Japanese companies such as Canon.

My pride & joy now sits up in the closet and every now and then I'm tempted to take it out for a shoot. But then I think meh !!
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2ΒΌ was my fave format but I traded my Hassleblad system for a Hi-8 system thinking that "still" was dead in the water. For portability I used early Leica, Canon and Nikon rangefinders. I still have a couple of Nikkormat FTN's lying in a catacomb of black cases. I'd consider shooting black and white again if I had the time - I used to mix my own developing chemistry from scratch.
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Wanted to resist going digital as I loved my Kodachrome transparencies, but sadly, it's been discontinued even if I wanted to keep using it.

When I was a teen, we had our own fully equipped darkroom in the house and except for slide film, did all our own processing and printing. I loved it.
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I use my Pentax KX 35mm film camera (circa 1975-1977) for black and white film. I believe B&W film has better texture and tonal range than digital B&W.
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My Buddy Geo (HSF on Flickr), has just moved BACK to 35mm and full frame (4x5) film cameras...

Check out his work... http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/geo-romolo.html and https://www.facebook.com/HSFPhotography
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Unless it was a pretty high-end camera body like the eos 1v, I think the market for the camera body is probably pretty slim. Likely less than any sentimental attachment you might have for it. The reason being, DSLR's are so cheap now, and offer so much to the user, that you need to really want film for something specific to shoot it. And those users that do have their pick of the litter from older equipment. Lenses could be a different situation, depending on their quality and if they can be used in modern digital bodies -- the bigger the market, the more you can probably get for them.
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