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Default Camera neck strap or string?

A friend of mine has taken the regular strap off his camera in favour of a 3mm cord. His reasoning is that it takes up considerably less space in his camera bag. Since I first noticed his I've seen a couple other folks who have done the same thing; has anyone else done the same?

Thoughts? Reviews?

I never carry my camera around my neck so can't really think of any other reasons not to do it, except for maybe someone won't see what brand/model of camera I have...
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I swear by straps whether it be around your neck or wrist. I've had several drops and close calls but having the strap sure does make me feel better, and reassures me it won't fall at the least expected time.

Can't comment on whether strap or string is better, any is good in my books.

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For small cameras, I take the strap off the bag completely, and just use the camera's strap directly rather than stuff it into the bag - removes any risk of dropping the camera out of the bag! I'm still using the strap from my Canon G1... now on my SX20, 8 years later [:I]
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i take the lanyard of the camera and run the shoulder strap of the camera bag through it so the camera is always connected to the bag. that way i never drop the camera when i'm climbing and shooting
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The only reason I would keep the camera strap on instead of some sort of (robust) cord or string would be for comfort. If you aren't carrying it around your neck I don't see this being an issue for you.

I do use the strap (just the standard one that came with the cam) and would hate to lose the comfort of it, but thats me.
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depends on the weight of the camera. My smallest camera, the humble Fuji F40 just has the lanyard wrist-strap cord and is quite adequate. My G9 has the stock strap, but I suppose i could take that off since it always lives in it's pouch anyway.
Now DSLR's of course are another matter. I use an Optex wide neoprene strap with my A700 since my body/ lens combo is close to 3 lbs.
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