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Default What Canadian City to Move To (from US)?

goals: raise family. stable job for a physical therapist; bonus points for structural engineering positions, but i realize this eliminates all small town options.

wants: clean air. close to ski resort. close to appealing mountains and other natural beauty. safe. more than adequate water supply. no consistent noise (like loud highway that penetrates the whole town, frequent trains, air traffic). bonus for creeks in town.

size: between 5,000 - 100,000 people

location: likely somewhere within 150 miles of the border (avoid extremes a little more, plus family access when visiting)


places so far (though they might not meet all goals):
- Armstrong, BC
- Chilliwack, BC
- Fernie, BC
- Golden, BC
- Creston, BC
- Nelson, BC
- Penticton, BC
- Revelstoke, BC
- Rossland, BC
- Salmon Arm, BC
- Vernon, BC

please feel free to shoot down any of the towns (but give reasons). this hard working american is looking to get out of this gun-infested country. the thought of my young kids or wife being in that situation, or in a school lockdown drill, has been eating away at me for years. we should be able to meet the immigration testing requirements and will be good, well-educated citizens.

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Thank you for your interest.

However, we're currently building a wall to keep American refugees out of Canada and won't be able to help you at this time.
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not all americans are d-bags that support the trumpian mindset.
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I can understand gun-related problems & desire to bring up kids in safety. What happened down in El Paso is horror. These kind of issues are far better in Canada, but you still have various big city problems (as you need to be in proximity of big city) -- crime, drugs, overpopulation, etc. In addition some things are better in US (I lived in CA 6 years). Relocating to another country is tough decision with many consequences & should not be made on impulse based on recent events, or even disagreement with current political climate.

That being said, and looking at your requirements, one option that was not mentioned is Squamish. It is small town, in very beautiful country, real-estate is still relatively affordable, you are close to Whistler -- major ski resort -- and border is close too. For work you have ~1hr daily commute on Sea-to-Sky & I know young families living in Vancouver that have gone that way. Daily commute is not ideal but can be managed, and chances of finding employment as Structural Engineer in Vancouver are good. Another option not mentioned might be somewhere on Van Island, vicinity of Victoria (employment) with daily ferry service over to Port Angeles to US. Ski Resort is 2-3 hr drive north (Mt. Washington). Vic is very safe with probably best climate in Canada too.
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thanks for the response, zel.

my desire here in this case is not impulse driven. it has been on my mind for years, but certain events do drive the point home further. i'm feeling some pressure based on the immigration scoring system since i think we'd score a little above the current acceptance rate score, but in a few years, would fall below due to scoring of one's age. also, my oldest is almost 3, so i would like to have her in a stable school system by the time she's 5.

for the structural engineer position --- this is not critical. i believe i will be able to work for my current (small) employer from abroad. the PT position is more important since that's on the immigration list for jobs in need.

vancouver island is nice, but not for us. i need something bigger than an island. only so many peaks to bag there!
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I always like looking at the Crime Severity Index (CSI) to see the crime rate for a particular place.

You can refine the search for British Columbia only then click on the city to see the breakdown of the types of crime.
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Originally Posted by iron View Post
vancouver island is nice, but not for us. i need something bigger than an island. only so many peaks to bag there!
Don't underestimate the size of VI, its huge! Endless peaks to bag, just more rugged.

I'd say Squamish is the most ideal place given your requirements. You may also like Deep Cove in North Vancouver, but real estate is significantly pricier.
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Armstrong/Vernon/Salmon Arm/Revy/Penticton are all within 2-3 hours of each other... Golden's not much further

Creston/Nelson = Kootenays, nice lifestyle

Rossland/Fernie - too remote/small town in my opinion

Chilliwack & Squamish = Vancouver

Vancouver Island = Ferry nightmare

Basically you're looking at the Okanagan.
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update here. old thread, i know.

i have towns narrowed down to nelson, rossland, and kimberley. i would love to hear first/secondhand info if anyone has it. my brief summary of these towns, in comparison to one another, is as follows:
* nelson: most amenities. highly aesthetic (city and mountains). homeless problems. most expensive real estate and limited building options. best quality mountain access, but perhaps not as much super close local stuff. ski resort sounds like it might be overcrowded these days, and while the snow is reportedly the best, it's definitely smallest on the list.

* rossland: least amenities. bedroom community for trail, which is an engineering hub (with questionable water quality). strong community network. recreation in the backyard. mountain quality is lower - more like foothills. close to quality outdoor swimming (christina lake), though a long drive nonetheless (nelson has swimming, but water is pretty chilly). not much for water/creeks in town. red resort is excellent and minutes from the door. super safe. no homeless issues. people i've talked with have said they would choose no other place. real estate is on par with kimberley. good access to road biking and US border.

* kind of a middle ground compared to nelson/rossland. colder, though it appears this is mostly nighttime temps and decidedly so in the winter. more sunshine than rossland; cooler than nelson. not as likely to be grey in the winter. ski resort is definitely not red level, but good enough size. doesn't seem prone to large population growth because of vicinity relative to main highway (you need to go out of your way to get there). mountain quality is higher than rossland, but not quite nelson. similar good sense of community and supposedly a thriving town for young kids. good local hiking, though it sounds like you don't want to live in kimberley proper b/c of early sunsets in the winter behind the nature park.

my job will be permanent work from home (thanks covid). wife is a PT, so some opportunities exist in all locations.

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