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Default Food sources....are you involved

Are you involved in your food source? Do you care about what you and your family eat? Do you have a garden, garden plot in the city, apartment balcony garden?
Involved in your protein source? Dare I mention the 'H' word......hunt? Let Safeway do the 'hunting' for you?
I suspect that many members here are 'town people' .......unable to be involved in what you eat........
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I happen to be a big fan of societal division of labour. Other people with the skills to do so make food; I pay them money so I can then eat the food.

What exactly are you trying to accomplish here with your insinuation?
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We had a garden for many years but gave it up when we realized we could BUY the food (in season) for less than it cost us to grow - in terms of time/labour etc.

Canned/"instant" food for emergencies, otherwise we cook from scratch 90% of the time. Use to hunt...don't anymore (time constraints), fish occasionally (although not part of the Vedder/Fraser crowd), pick wild shrooms, asparagus, berries etc.
Like to make big batches and freeze/dehydrate/can as required.

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Sounds like you are involved Shadow. Have also found it very convenient and affordable to buy the local produce, and support the area farmers. Had a moose roast with local spuds, and a great garden salad for supper tonight. First moose meal of the season. Nice to share with family and friends....... we live in the land of plenty!
Happy trails.......
The Macarena Man
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That's nice Peddle that you hunt and kill wild game (at least I'm assuming you do that). I used to do a fair bit of hunting myself; some big game but mostly ducks as that what was plenty around my parts. I gut-shot a nice buck once, tracked him but never found him. I gave up big game hunting after that.
Presently my involvement in the food chain is to transport groceries from central warehousing for a large local foodchain to stores in the interior.
Based on your OP though you seem to be trolling yet again.
Enjoy your moose.
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