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quote:Originally posted by bongo

quote:Originally posted by carmen

Trying to help a friend quit smoking and I found this site:


It's sponsored by The Lung Association. I had to fish around to find out where to sign up; it's free to sign up.

For anyone who wants to quit smoking, give it a try. I had no idea of the physiological and psychological processes until I read this site.

I hope they do not smoke around you. Second hand smoke is as dangerous as smoking. If they cared about your friendship they would quit imho. Especially if they are coworkers like....

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quote: "i have not failed; i have only found 54 ways that won't work"

I forgive you.

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I'm a non smoker. The single most worst experience I had was being stuck on a chairlift on the ski field with the chick next to me who lit up. Nice day, no wind, fresh mountain air... [xx(]
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The Shadow has it right about quitting the habits. What finally worked for me was systematically eliminating the first smoke of the day. That is, I forced myself to wait until my feet were on the floor in the morning before the first one was lit. Once comfortable with that I forced myself to wait until the coffee was brewed, then until after my first meal, etc, etc, until I wasn't lighting up until after work (bartender- 3am). Then I only had one hard habit to break instead of 25 or more! The whole process took about a year and I have never fallen off the smoke free wagon.
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