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Default Mount Baker-Helitrope Ridge -ski -oct 11

Photos Andy/Mike Traslin

Out of bed by 5:30am and in the car by 6:30am it was off to to Mount Baker for a ski/climb summit.By the time I reached the sumas boarder the line up"s were backed up for at least an hour .Once through the boarder,we stoped for gas and filled up.But when I went to start the car,no luck.So I pulled the the fuse box out and replaced the burnt fuse.Thankfully the car started so it was off to the trail head.With our gear packed we were off hiking by 10:15am.After an hour and a half we reached the toe of the coleman glacier.Roped up and skis and skins on we climbed for about fourty-five minutes,and started to realize our route finding was sketchy,and the snow bridges were very weak and dangerous.So we took our climbing skins off,and skied down to safe zone.Once in a safer area we looked at alternate routes to climb/ski,but we also looked at the the time,it was already 1:00pm.Looking over at Helitrope ridge we saw that there was some good skiing,so we opted out of skiing the Mount Baker summit,we figured three out of five is not bad for the summer and fall.Once at Helitrope ridge we were happy to realize there was some good earley season skiing and other skiers to enjoy it with.After six laps it was time to head back.We were happy to get our turns all year,or 24 months straight.Not always powder,but still fun spending time in the natural world.

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