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Default Overland to Moyer Creek (June 2021)

Finally decided to post about this trip from June.

Quick background: Moyer Creek is a marine campground on Alouette Lake in Golden Ears Provincial Park. My friend Luke had, for some strange reason, been obsessed with bushwhacking there, and I (a fool) agreed to go with him. Here is the topographic map that we brought of the area, and also an approximate outline of our route.
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Thursday, June 17:
We had determined that the best option seemed to be using the Mt Nutt trail and then veering off from that just past the first lookout. This would get us above the first two drainages, and then we could slowly lose elevation from there until the triple drainage. We left the Gold Creek Parking Lot shortly after 8am, and started the slog up the Mt Nutt trail. This was the easy part.
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We left the Mt Nutt trail around the 800m elevation line, and tried to stay around that line until we were past the second drainage. From there, we started descending diagonally towards the third drainage. This part SUCKED. The ground was very soft, and very steep, and every step you would slide down a couple inches. My legs wanted to give out with every step, and my feet were aching from the friction in my boots.
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Eventually we made it to the last drainage. We crossed the little creek, but were promptly greeted by bluffs on the other side and had to turn around. I took the opportunity to refill my water bottle and also have a breakdown. I'm officially naming this drainage as Breakdown Creek to honour the occasion. I was in pain, I was in misery, I despaired of ever reaching Moyer Creek, but I also knew I physically could not go back the way we came. At this point it was 3:30pm, seven hours since we left the parking lot, and we'd covered like four kilometres. Luke, being the voice of reason, calmed me down by pointing out that worse comes to worse, we just find a flat spot and set up the tent and continue in the morning.
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Despite my breakdown, we continue on and decided to follow the drainage (Breakdown Creek) towards the lake in hopes of finding a better spot to cross. The elevation flattened out lower down, and once we crossed it remained fairly flat all the way to Moyer Creek, though it definitely got more bushy. I cried tears of relief at the sight of Mt Gatey and Moyer Creek. Unfortunately for me, we then had to spend about an hour figuring out how to cross the creek and get to the campsite. We finally arrived at the campsite proper just after 7pm, much to the surprise and bewilderment of some kayakers who were also staying there.
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Friday, June 18:
Originally, the plan was to arrive on Thursday, spend Friday/Saturday exploring and bushwhacking a bit up the creek, and then hike out on Sunday. This did not happen. The hike in destroyed me. Standing up from the picnic table was agony. Walking the trail to the outhouse was torture. Friday was spent sitting on the little rock beach and doing absolutely nothing.
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We did discuss our options for getting out. I was fairly adamant that I would not be able to go back out the way we came. What if we tried to stay closer to the lake? Hmmm no I can't walk. What if we split it over Saturday and Sunday? What if we didn't. I was fully ready to call Search and Rescue to come get me in a boat, or just stay there forever, but I was not hiking back. Thankfully, we decided to talk to a family that had come up with a powerboat, and they agreed to take us back to North Beach on Sunday morning.

Saturday, June 19:
Once again, we spent the majority of the day just hanging around the campsite, but we decided after dinner to walk along the lake shore up to the campsite at the Narrows. A few logging relics along the side of the lake, and it was nice to do something other than just sitting around, but even this short hike was painful on my weary legs.
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Sunday, June 20:
Huge thank you to the kind people who boated us out. They wouldn't accept any money, but I feel like I owe them my life.
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Concluding thoughts: This is a marine campsite for a reason. Luke decided not to do a trip report because he didn't want other people to follow our lead and suffer as we did. I personally don't think many people are crazy enough to try this route, and if they are, then that's on them.

Land Route to Moyer Creek, 0/10, would not recommend. Use a boat.
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a true 'schwack. nice report, it always looks better in plan. Wonder if it would be quicker to keep to the ridgeline and then descend all the way down the creek or parallel with it.
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If it's any consolation, this is one of my favourite ever TRs.
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