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Spectrum 06-14-2021 07:34 PM

Bagpipe Peak May 16, 2021
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I felt like organizing a bigger trip than my usual 2 or 3 outings so I sent out a few messages and got a group of 8 our for Bagpipe Peak which is on the p600m list and the highest in the Fannin Range but is unofficially named. Back in the day it was all about driving up the Furry Creek roads when you could just get the key for the gate or if the gate was open to snag all these surrounding peaks, but those days are long gone. Steve Song and Matt Juhasz did it in the winter via the Stawamus Indian River road where you drive basically to the pass and then work your way up a valley. They did it in deep snow and during an arctic outflow, our trip would be alot different.

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It was supposed to be a chill short not too involved trip so we started hiking around 9:30am, and within 10minutes we hit our first bluff. I only briefly skimmed over Steve's report and when later fully reading it realized that yes on paper it's kinda short and easy but the terrain and travel is abit involved. This report is going to be very short because for the first couple hours all you do is gain elevation, then lose abit as you drop down into and follow the Stawamus River and walk past Stawamus Lake.

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After awhile of not gaining any elevation, once you hit the NW ridge it's all business. It's basically a series of steps and levels. Each level is guarded by a steep bluff. The snow conditions were fine for kicking steps just barely. Anything more compact and it would have been dangerous. Katie brought her dog and the last level proved to be too steep so Nathan stayed behind to hang out with the dog.

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Ilia P. broke the trail to the top for us and we all kind of summited at different paces and then hung out for abit enjoying the hot hot heat. Me Jenn, Katie, Cody(TheCamel)Sean C. , Anne, Ilia P.

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Down was fast on the West ridge as to be expected but the walk back was pretty boring in the forest and it was actually uphill for 150m elevation, and then back down to the cars. It was nice to get out in a big group, but the trip took longer than expected and was tougher than expected so it ate into our camp life time back down the road abit.

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