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Default Chief Pascall April 11, 2021

I gave Jenn the chance to pick which mountain we should go do. She had a few in mind and rambled them off and when this one was mentioned I figured it would be a good fun trip for us to do together. A few people in the facebook group called SWBC Peakbaggers had been up this one recently and the views seemed like an easy decision to go do.

We arrived a the Cayoosh / Chief Pascall pullout and it was a complete gong show, there must have been over 100 cars on both sides of the highway, we barely managed to found a spot for my Accord where I double parked leaving the others enough room to get out. of course. This is what happens when you close everything and the sun is out and there is still alot of snow for skiing. Anyways most of them were over on Cayoosh, but C.P. track was like a packed snow highway.

Our route is Red, a pretty efficient route was from the others is purple and Steve Song's ski route is blue.

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Name:	Screenshot_20210412-170633_Gaia GPS.jpg
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I don't really like people all that much let alone crowded mountains, I think 95% of my trips I don't see people and this was abit crazy to see. I told Jenn we should just jump off the main skin track up and take the NW ridge that will meet up with it higher up. She's still learning all this type of travel so she was game. Some poor other newbie skiers ended up just following us when we ducked off the skin track, I think they learned their lesson and turned around eventually lol. We made our way up and eventually ran into an older skin track of people thinking the same thing. This was really helpful since the days before the hills got 30cm of fresh.

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We kept trucking along and eventually started to reach the upper alpine where the main skin track intersects ours and we could see all the skiers on the ridge. We looked across the valley to the North shoulder of Joffre and saw 4 skiers shredding down the slopes. It turns out it was a long time CT member LeeL .

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All the skiers stop at certain drop in points along the ridge, but a group of snowshoers were carrying on to the summit as was Jenn and I. It turns out it was some people that knew me from the Facebook groups so we all pretty much topped out at the same time.
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There are 3 summit boulders, I made it up the first 2, but just as SimonC meantioned in his report on here, getting to the 3rd one is really hard to do in snow. Either need a rope and protection, or no snow to see where the cornices. If it's good enough for SimonC, Steve Song, these ones are good enough for me.

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Jenn got to finally use her crampons and ice axe on the ridge ramble over to the second boulder and she said it was really fun and she felt comfortable so that's a good sign.
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A good long summit session in the sun and then we started down, we decided to drop in from the highest chute where only 2 skiers had dropped in from, all other tracks were from the lower entry points. It was a blast running down 30cm of powder. Of course there was a group of AT skiers who decided they would be the only ones to skin across the whole bowl and then be concerned about us snowshoeing down about them and asking us if we could snowshoe a different direction lol! Tanis took a shot of us heading down, red circles.

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Going down this slope meant we would have a longer, more flat walk back to the car but at least we would be in the open on the way back, the bowl was worth it, and we wouldn't have to sidehill in the forest. I think it was a fair trade off.
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Once back at the car, it was a party on the Duffy, everyone in chairs chilling and hanging out with music going. Good times.

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