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Default Cougar Mountain April 8, 2021

This trip was with Katie and one from the P600m list. The odd report on Clubtread and Steve Song had a route that was done with not much snow cover. It was nice to just drive highway and have it 2wd access and pull over and park right on Hwy 99 for once.

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We started up the snow free trail that is I guess a multi-use trail. Hikers, Mountain Bikers and light crazy dirtbike can climb these trails as well. Eventually we hit snow and it was a nice bullet proof crust. The snow cover was down fairly low so there was no need to follow Steve's route, we decided we would just make our own way up this mountain since we could walk wherever we wanted.

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Taking the shortest most direct approach it brought us to the cool little cliff that had a ton of icicles hanging off it. We stayed here for abit goofing around throwing stuff at them and taking photos.

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After that we reached an alpine lake that we just walked across and made a poor garmin gpx dick on the lake and then carried one.
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Nearing the summit it gets abit bluffy, but we still had the hard crust so the lighting ascents ate their way up the slopes until we finally got a good view across the valley of the Wedgemount Lake area.
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Soon after that we topped out and had rolling clouds that would tease us with some views and then close back up. Rainbow stayed hidden, Ispoot showed up, the Wedgemount group showed up again and then Whistler started to clear as well.
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It was very very short trip up so we chilled on the summit for a good amount of time goofing around and then started down.
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Pretty much followed our tracks down until lower down ended up on an actual hiking trail that looped us back to our starting point. Once I posted this trip on the Facebook hiking groups, it soon became an instant hit. Group after group would go for Cougar. It seems to have the right amount of reward for little distance and not much elevation gain to be a hit.
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