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Default Blustry Mountain Feb 21, 2021

The reason I did Burnaby Mountain and Little Mountain the day before was because I was saving myself for this trip. It's a p600m peak and I was going to be heading out with Steve Song and Matt Juhasz and Sean Caufeld. This peak has a trail in the summer time supposedly and the alpine looks quite nice but we figured what the hell let's try and go do a winter ascent of it.

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Anytime Matt does a trip it will be an early start, Me and Steve took the back of the pickup and dozed off while Sean kept Matt company as we flew up the Fraser Canyon. We took the turn off and Matt was able to drive his truck all the way upto the powerline road high point. We put the snowshoes on from the start and started our way up the forest.
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The snow was good at the start and the forest was semi open so were were making good time even if it was basically straight up! until eventually the snow started to change. All of a sudden it turned some good pace snow to plowing and sliding in sugar snow that would not support anyone. Even the 4th person in the train would be wallowing in the snow.

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2 people took a break while 2 others would move forward because there would be no problem in catching up, Once they caught up the others would have a snack break until we were all fueld up and ready to keep on moving slowly but surely. Steve is the only one with 30inch snowshoes and even he was sinking alot but on this steep sugar snow section it was him who did most of the work.

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We finally busted out of the forest and got an some views into the alpine and as we crested the ridge it was hard packed and wind swept. We knew the forecasted winds were going to be bad and as we made our way along the ridge heading for the summit we basically hit the summit when it was the strongest winds. It was bitter cold and so strong you could lean into the wind and it would hold you up. Matt got to the summit first and we arrived shortly after but since he had been subject to the wind he wanted to head down with his dog. Me Steve and Sean quickly tried to put more layers on, we could take out hands out for a few pictures but had to put them back in ASAP.
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We couldn't exactly enjoy the summit so we started to head down shortly after Matt left. When we were making our way down off the ridge to head into the forest the winds were slowly dying down , enough so that we found a sheltered area to finally eat our lunch.
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By now the winds were gone and the sun was out in full force, the snow was getting wet and heavy as we plunged our way down, then we took the snowshoes off and boot skied and forest dirt glisssaded back to the car.
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It was a tough trip due to the snow conditions and the wind but aside from that it was still a good day out snagging another p600m peak.

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