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Default Blowdown Peak Dec 28, 2020

The last peak of 2020. Me, Jenn, Mel and Steve all had the day off. We wanted to end the year on a good note, something that had good views and not too crazy on the elevation gain. Blowdown Peak was the perfect fit. We got one of the last parking spots for this area off the Duffey. In the Covid-19 era, ski touring has taken off and all the parking spots are packed. Luckily for us, all the the people were heading into the Steep Creek/ Darkside area for skiing.

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We of course were the only snowshoers around, the fsr was well packed out as to be expected and when we reached our Blowdown spur we had abit of good luck and 3 snowmobiles had driven up our spur. This meant we had a good fast track to move on and when we reached the end of the road had a skin track to follow.
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We followed the skin track through the forest eventually popping out into the alpine and nice open basin with a view of our peak and ridge line ahead.
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Jenn is still building her winter pack muscles and snowshoes muscles so we just took it nice and slow while Mel and Steve tried their best to hike slow but couldn't do it. I told them I understand and that they should just make their way upto the sunny ridge and wait for us.

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We arrived in the sunshine and had a good little break, then got a look up at our ridge to the peak. It was cold most of the day on the north slopes but once in the sun it was a perfect day. Mel lead the charge for the summit with Steve following and me hanging back to be a good partner and keep Jenn company.

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We took our group shot, sat down in the sunshine, ate our lunch and decided to head down.

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There are 2 main huge catch basins, AKA avalanche paths that run off the peak. The snowmobile skiers looked to have skied it prior in the day, I know that isn't enough to go on, but we all paid attention to the snow on the way up and on the way down and we all felt it was safe to descend on snowshoes. It was beautiful deep powder snow, plunging a couple hundred meters in no time. Little did we know there was some guy apart of the South Coast Touring facebook watching us from below, who would later go home and post in that group shaming us for walking down the avalanche path. That group is nothing but bitching and complaining. If you want a good group join SWBC Peakbaggers and Mountain Runners.

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Pretty boring standard walk out, the logging road seemed to have doubled on the way back, but the moon rising over the mountains was quite impressive. We stuck around at the car for about 45min shooting the shit having some beers celebrating a safe, successful year in the mountains.

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This was indeed s spectacular exercusion. I remember "Blowdown" as a name frequently in forestry circles when I worked in Lillooet during the early 1980's. Did not hike much then, spent a lot of time in the forests and bushwhacking slopes as part of our work in forestry surveys.


Hiking is what keeps you young of mind and heart. When the going gets tough, the tough get going..............
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Awesome trip report. Thanks, I enjoy your trip reports. Keep up the good work.
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Good weather and great views, what a great hike to end the year!
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